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Partner with experts to innovate and evolve supply chain functions.

Comprehensive logistics offerings

With an advanced supply chain consulting practice built over 18 years, our team of experts brings extensive hands-on experience and a history of driving customer results.

Take advantage of our proven methodology to drive visibility and results

You’ll receive realistic and actionable recommendations from an industry-leading team. Our collaborative approach helps you assess, design, and implement proactive supply chain strategies.

Tech-fueled supply chain strategy and design

Technology and data-driven decision-making will align your network and cost models with the appropriate lead time and service-level expectations.

Transportation optimization customized to your needs

We leverage analytics, deep operations experience and best practices to identify actionable areas for improvement and run transportation procurement bids.

Facility optimization that evolves your workflow

We help you evaluate current warehouse operations and develop new strategies based on lean principles to deliver transformational results for your material flow, processes, technology, and people development.

Dedicated fleet assessment and support

From modeling the optimal fleet utilization to creating key performance visibility, our team identifies and sustains strategy improvements for your dedicated fleets.

Business intelligence and insights

Deep supply chain knowledge applied to your business needs allows us to create unique views into cost, sustainability and performance metrics — promoting network visibility and producing actionable business insights.

Retail fine mitigation

Uber Freight understands performance from the retailer’s perspective, and provides guidance to empower shippers to build OTIF resilience with cost-of-service visibility.

Partnerships that deliver continuous improvement

The Consulting team prioritizes delivering results for the short term and long term

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Yone Dewberry , Chief Supply Chain Officer, Land O’ Lakes

“Uber Freight’s premise is all about bringing technology and innovation into different industries... partnering with them allows us to continue that transformations and become more of a technology and innovation company.”

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