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Uber Freight Exchange

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Introducing Uber Freight Exchange,

Our free freight procurement software for shippers

Get comprehensive insights and tools to secure contract freight capacity seamlessly, fostering operational efficiencies, stronger relationships, and streamlined logistics within a unified platform.

  • Run contract bids of any size, from start to finish, from one tool
  • Download pre-configured routing guides and rates for your TMS
  • Invite your carriers—or 100,000 of ours—to bid on loads
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Run and win better bids with speed, ease, and insights

Uber Freight Exchange brings shippers and their carriers the data, insights, and functionality needed to seamlessly secure capacity and manage freight costs for their contract freight. Logistics teams and their partners can now unlock operational efficiencies, strengthen relationships, and safeguard their operations—all in one tool.

Benefits of our Freight Procurement Software

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Save time and money

Streamline and automate your contract freight procurement strategy and operations in one place.

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Improve collaboration

Harness the power of enhanced onboarding, communication, and reporting.

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Make better and faster decisions

Use actionable insights from market data, historical network data, and performance history to your advantage.

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Grow your network

Tap into a growing and diverse carrier network powered by Uber Freight.

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Shippers, optimize your procurement strategy

Automate your contract freight procurement process for time and cost savings. Run bids seamlessly, receive actionable insights from real-time data, and enhance collaboration through streamlined onboarding and communication. Expand your network with Uber Freight’s ever-growing and diverse carrier network.

Explore Uber Freight Exchange’s contract procurement features

Seamlessly run bids, harness real-time insights, and enhance collaboration for unmatched efficiency.

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Real-time insights

Make informed decisions using actionable insights from market data and historical performance metrics. Get a clear understanding of market trends dynamics, empowering you to secure the best carrier for your freight.

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Transparent collaboration

Strengthen relationships with carriers through direct communication and comprehensive reporting. Bid, award, and manage loads all within one platform, fostering transparency and efficient collaboration.


Smart network growth

Access Uber Freight’s expanding and diverse carrier network to tap into new opportunities. Connect with reliable carriers, improve service levels, and expand your reach, all while optimizing costs.

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Trusted by leading shippers

“This tool will undoubtedly give the Uber Freight TMS a competitive advantage and bring considerable value to every customer who utilizes it.”
Rayla McDonald, Supply Chain Specialist at C&D Trojan


Do I need to be an Uber Freight TMS user in order to use Exchange?

No! Many of our shippers use third-party TMSs. You can sign up and use Exchange’s standalone contract and spot procurement capabilities alongside your TMS.

Some features in Uber Freight Exchange will only work seamlessly with a TMS integration (e.g. creating bids directly from TMS data). Please contact sales to discuss integrations to your TMS.

How does Uber Freight Exchange integrate with my TMS?

Out-of-the-box, Exchange operates as an extension of the Uber Freight TMS. That means if you are an Uber Freight TMS customer, on Day 1 you will be able to:

  • Initiate a bid based on TMS data
  • Sync RFP results automatically to your routing guide

Please contact sales to discuss integrations to third-party TMSs.

What does Uber Freight do with my bid data?

Uber Freight Exchange bid data is stored separately from Uber Freight’s brokerage data. This applies to both shipper and carrier data. Only the tech teams who build and support Uber Freight Exchange have access to view transactional level shipper RFPs and carrier bid data.

Uber Freight’s brokerage is treated the same as any other carrier who participates in a bid. Shippers do not have to invite Uber Freight’s brokerage to participate in Exchange bids in order to use the Uber Freight Exchange platform.

As a shipper, what happens to my carriers when I bring them to Uber Freight Exchange?

If the carrier is already an Uber Freight carrier, they will be able to log into Uber Freight Exchange using their Uber Freight credentials. Uber Freight may pre-populate certain information in the tool based on the carrier’s existing Uber Freight profile.

If the carrier is not already an Uber Freight carrier, they will be prompted to create a profile and will also have the option to sign up for the Uber Freight brokerage. Carriers will not be required to sign up for the brokerage in order to bid.

How much does Uber Freight Exchange cost?

The base version of Uber Freight Exchange is free to all shippers, regardless of whether the shipper uses the Uber Freight TMS.

Enhanced features in Uber Freight Exchange may be available for purchase. In addition, select features may be available as add-ons to Uber Freight TMS and Uber Freight’s brokerage offering.

What modes are supported?

Uber Freight Exchange supports full truckload (FTL) and intermodal (IMDL) bids. This includes multistop, tanker, hazardous materials, live, drop, and live/drop lanes.

What equipment types are supported?

Uber Freight Exchange supports Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, and Container equipment types.

What geographies are supported?

Uber Freight Exchange supports all origins and destinations in North America, including cross-border and intra-Canada and intra-Mexico lanes.

Does Uber Freight Exchange handle load execution?

Nothing changes with load execution when you use Uber Freight Exchange. You can continue to tender loads to your carriers using the solution(s) you have in place. Uber Freight will provide you with an award export to upload to your routing guide.

Need a load execution solution? Consider Uber Freight TMS.

Who is responsible for running my RFPs and bids in Uber Freight Exchange?

Nothing changes in terms of procurement ownership when you use Uber Freight Exchange. If you use an outsourced procurement service provider, you can use the platform’s shared access features to collaborate on contract procurement events and complete bids faster and with less effort.

Need a turnkey solution for your next RFP event? Contact our consulting team.

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Your best bid cycle awaits

Take the first step towards efficient contract freight procurement and see how our tool can optimize your operations, from bid to decision.