C-TPAT Certification

C-TPAT is a voluntary program established by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to build cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve international supply chain and U.S. border security. Established in 2001, C-TPAT is the first worldwide supply chain security initiative where participating organizations in all sectors of the supply chain fully cooperate with U.S. Customs to establish acceptable security practices throughout their entire supply chain operations.

Transplace participates in the certification program as it provides our customers with the assurance of a safe, secure and expeditious supply chain. As a C-TPAT member, our customers benefit from a reduced number of physical inspections and documentation reviews when crossing borders, helping to dramatically decrease the time required when passing through customs. View the links below to learn more C-TPAT Certification or contact info@uberfreight.com for additional information.