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Rewarding your drive

We’re helping carriers of all sizes reach their goals on and off the road. Uber Freight Plus is a program that provides carriers with discounts on tires, fuel, mobile phone plans and more. Select the offerings of interest below to check for eligibility and to receive more information on how to enroll and activate. To initially qualify for Uber Freight Plus, carriers need to have booked and completed at least one load using the Uber Freight app. Book and complete your first load today to become eligible*.

Fuel Savings - up to 20¢ per gallon

Save up to 50% on truck parts

Monthly Discounts on your phone plans

Buying a truck? Save up to $16,000

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*Terms and conditions apply. To see the full Uber Freight Plus terms and conditions (including eligibility requirements), please see here. Uber Freight Plus programs are subject to terms and conditions of the third party program provider. Certain programs require credit applications. To maintain eligibility, carriers need to book and complete at least one load using the Uber Freight app every 30 days.

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