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Autonomous Trucking

Autonomous trucking

Unlocking the Potential of Autonomous Trucking with Uber Freight

Uber Freight has partnered with autonomous trucking companies to leverage insights from Uber Freight’s network to enhance the development and deployment roadmap for autonomous trucking. Adding autonomous trucking capacity to the Uber Freight network alongside our network of carriers will give shippers more options to reliably and effortlessly deliver freight to their customers on-time. 

Opportunity knocks to experience the future of freight with autonomous trucks from trusted partners in the Uber Freight network. 

Carriers: Interested in autonomous trucks?

Looking to see if self-driving trucks are a good fit for your fleet? Reach out to learn more about how our partnership with Aurora can benefit your fleet with improved utilization and enhanced business efficiency leveraging the latest state-of-the-art autonomous technology.

What We’ve Been Up To

Let’s take a closer look at what Uber Freight has accomplished in the AV space


Uber Freight is thrilled to introduce autonomous freight solutions to our network in collaboration with our autonomous partners and dozens of shippers. Since 2021, autonomous providers on the Uber Freight platform have logged hundreds of thousands of commercial autonomous miles, successfully transporting various types of products to customers. Explore the ways we are revolutionizing freight logistics on the Dallas to Houston and Fort Worth to El Paso lanes.

Dallas to Houston

  • Since launching operations in 2021, autonomous providers on the Uber Freight platform have covered hundreds of thousands of autonomous miles on the Dallas to Houston and Houston to Dallas freight corridor.
  • Our partners have efficiently transported a diverse range of commodities, including food and beverages, appliances, paper products, packaging, pallets, pet food, and more.
  • Currently, our partners are actively running operations on this 200+ mile lane on a daily basis.

Fort Worth to El Paso

  • Since our launch in 2022, autonomous providers on the Uber Freight platform have covered over 20,000 autonomous miles on the 600+ mile Fort Worth to El Paso corridor
  • Our partners have been instrumental in shipping over millions of pounds of products along this corridor
  • Presently, two of our partners are actively operating on this lane

Innovating with leaders in the field

We have partnered with leading players in the industry who share Uber Freight’s commitment to excellence and service.

  • Aurora

    Uber Freight and Aurora have launched Premier Autonomy, a new program providing early access to over 1 billion of Aurora’s driverless miles to Uber Freight carriers through 2030. Uber Freight’s multiphase commercial autonomous trucking pilot with its strategic partner, Aurora, began in December 2021 to better understand how the Aurora Driver will help carriers maximize fleet utilization, broaden opportunities to safely haul goods, and streamline supply chain operations.

    Learn More
  • Waabi

    In partnership with Uber Freight, Waabi, a company pioneering generative AI for the physical world, offers carriers the most technologically advanced, operationally efficient and holistic model for safely and effectively adopting autonomous trucks within their fleets.

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  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions

    The partnership with V.A.S. initiates Uber Freight’s first commercial collaboration with an autonomous fleet. V.A.S. is on a mission to accelerate the development, commercialization, and sale of autonomous solutions for defined segments in the on-road and off-road space.

    Learn More
  • Torc Robotics

    In this partnership, Torc and Uber Freight will partner to fast-track autonomous truck development, exploring insights like optimal deployment lanes, prioritizing rollout, supply chain balance, hub placement for cost efficiency, and more.

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Trusted by leading shippers

“Veritiv’s next-generation supply chain strategy is to create and sustain a competitive advantage in operations with innovative and efficient technologies. This autonomous vehicle pilot aligns with our strategy to assess new technologies to determine the best fit for our business and our customers. We are proud to be at the forefront of testing this technology.”
Mike Walkenhorst, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Developing Businesses at Veritiv


What does “AV” mean?

AV stands for autonomous vehicles. Here at Uber Freight, AVs refer specifically to autonomous Class 8 tractors. These trucks use self-driving technology to allow them to operate without a human driver or with minimal human intervention. This technology involves a combination of artificial intelligence software and sensors- cameras, radar, and lidar- to navigate and drive. 

What is autonomous trucking?

Autonomous trucking, also known as self-driving trucks or driverless trucks, is a revolutionary technology that aims to automate the process of transporting goods by road. This means that trucks could operate and navigate without a human driver behind the wheel. This technological advancement has the potential to greatly impact and transform the trucking industry in terms of efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

What lanes are you currently offering?

Currently, our AV partners are operating in Texas between the Dallas to Houston corridor, and the Fort Worth to El Paso corridor. 

What type of freight can AV trucks haul?

Our partners are currently running dry van loads, excluding hazmat, tanker, and high-value freight.

How can shippers get involved?

There are many ways to meaningfully participate in the AV program. You can get started by participating in pilots, working with our team to analyze your lanes, attending quarterly roundtables where you will get the latest industry updates, conducting a network optimization project with our experts, and/or collaborating with our engineers to see how our tech products can help better serve your needs.

What are the benefits of autonomous trucking?

  1. Efficient and predictable capacity: Autonomous trucks can improve logistics by solving the driver shortage, enabling 24/7 operation without the need for driver breaks, and reducing driver distraction and exhaustion from driving.
  2. Faster delivery: Without a driver, we can expect to see faster delivery times. With no hours of service limitations, driverless trucks will be able to deliver a load between Los Angeles and Dallas in less than 24 hours, for example.
  3. Lower emissions: The increased operational efficiency, safety, and fuel savings from autonomous driving can potentially lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Welcome to the future

Start your journey towards autonomy today

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