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New Facility Insights Report presents key learnings to shippers

June 20, 2019 / US
New Facility Insights Report presents key learnings to shippers

At Uber Freight, we’re building a transparent, collaborative logistics marketplace where carriers and shippers work together. To improve the lives and bottom lines of truck drivers, it’s essential that shippers have visibility into every part of their supply chain.

Facility ratings is a feature within the Uber Freight app that empowers carriers and drivers to share feedback on their experiences at shipping facilities. A few short months after launching the feature we’ve accumulated over 250,000 unique 1-5 star ratings, as well as written reviews.

Starting today, data from facility ratings is available to all shippers via the Uber Freight platform. Shippers now have access to the driver-experience data they need to measure each facility’s performance and identify specific areas for improvement to build more efficient supply chains.

To mark this important step towards market-wide transparency and inspire change, we’re excited to introduce the inaugural Facility Insights Report, pulled from our bank of data. The report illustrates facility trends and provides specific insight into how carriers and drivers engage with facilities at national and regional levels. The key takeaway is straightforward: the best way for shippers to encourage drivers to come back, again and again, is to improve efficiency and reduce wait times at their facilities.

This report comes at a critical time in the trucking industry when earning the trust and preference of carriers has the power to impact profitability. Shippers today understand that in order to future-proof their businesses, they have to collaborate with drivers, take their feedback seriously, and earn their trust through action.

The Facility Insights Report will be released by Uber Freight at a regular cadence to help broadcast carrier feedback across the industry and enable a more transparent future for all. To dive into our findings, download the full report here.


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