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The latest news and features for shippers

Today, Uber Freight, WattEV and CHEP have announced a strategic, joint effort to deploy electric trucks on select routes in Southern California. As part of this collaboration, WattEV will provide electric trucking capacity to Uber Freight shippers, starting with CHEP. The pilot serves as an important milestone in electric freight transportation and establishes Uber Freight’s…

Uber Freight’s less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping solution enables real-time access to capacity and greater flexibility to ship minimum quantity goods.

Using facility data from Uber Freight, LG improved its dock management, staffing, and appointment flexibility at one location.

Our second Facility Insights Report shows that shorter wait times and more amenities breed goodwill between shippers and carriers.

For starters, Uber Freight has a nationwide always-on carrier network for shipper to access.

The data provided through facility ratings in the Uber Freight app helps shippers improve their operations and become a preferred destination for drivers.

These factors help ensure that no matter the market conditions, shippers will have the capacity they need.

Limiting the number of empty miles on loads is a major priority for lowering IPP’s carbon footprint.

MercuryGate users will have access to Uber Freight’s real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity.

With the Uber Freight shipper platform, customers can share shipment locations with just a few clicks.