The 3 factors driving Uber Freight’s 99% tender acceptance rate

September 24 / US
The 3 factors driving Uber Freight’s 99% tender acceptance rate

From the beginning, Uber Freight has been committed to giving shippers access to carriers and reliable capacity when they need it the most. Our tender acceptance rate—currently at 99%—is a testament to this. While today’s freight market offers shippers favorable capacity, that’s still a significant achievement. In 2018, we offered an acceptance rate of 91%—considered well above average due to tight capacity.

Three key factors drive Uber Freight’s high acceptance rate: automation, flexibility, and a growing carrier network. These factors help ensure that no matter the market conditions, shippers will have the capacity they need to keep factories producing and shelves stocked.

Technology accelerates acceptance

For much of the freight industry, daily operations remains a manually intensive process, which can negatively affect acceptance rates. Part of the Uber Freight mission is to modernize this aspect of the industry with intuitive, yet powerful automation. Solving logistics problems with technology is something our company was born to do.

During peak booking times in the workweek, manual processes like making phone calls and sending faxes may limit how many loads can be accepted. The Uber Freight platform was built to automate as much of the booking process as possible. Instant quotes, for example, are available with just a few clicks. This and other automated features enable shippers to increase the tempo of their daily operations more smoothly.

Automation also increases acceptance during non-peak hours. Because the Uber Freight platform is always available, day or night, there is no personnel crunch for booking loads during off-hours, weekends, or holidays. In the event a customer needs support, we provide it 24/7 through our customer service center.

Responding to market conditions

Flexibility is a key part of Uber Freight’s effectiveness for shippers. Our platform was designed to make it easy for them to tailor services to their operational needs. Industry-leading tools like lane explorer increase a shipper’s ability to find capacity and market efficiencies by previewing and booking rates up to 14 days in advance.

Unlike asset-based carriers who locked into specific personnel and equipment limitations, Uber Freight is able to scale to meet a shipper’s needs with less friction.

Carrying the load

The Uber Freight nationwide carrier network is the final key ingredient to our high acceptance rate. This growing network of vetted carriers delivers a deep reservoir of dry van and reefer capacity for shippers for lanes across the lower 48 states. Currently, our network has over 36,000 active carriers, resulting in a combined total of more than 400,000 drivers.

Uber Freight is ready to use innovation and unmatched logistics experience to help move the freight industry forward. If you’d like to expand your capacity for results, sign up for Uber Freight today.


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