Uber Freight helps IPP’s mission of sustainability through shipping

September 11 / US
Uber Freight helps IPP’s mission of sustainability through shipping

In any shipping facility, you’ll find plenty of pallets. But did you ever wonder who makes the pallets? Or how these essential elements get to shippers in the first place?

IPP Benelux is a major pallet pool company located in the Netherlands. Every year they ship approximately 40 million rental pallets across Western Europe. After the pallets are used in a shipment, they are gathered from tens of thousands of collection points and redistributed from one of its 61 service centers.

With this enormous shipping volume, moving loads efficiently and predictably are major priorities for success.

When Uber Freight launched in Europe, Mark Hulland, operations manager at IPP, was eager to learn more about the company’s ground-breaking logistics innovations. “New technologies give us the ability to talk to people quicker, to connect with people quicker, and be able to service our customers quicker,” he said.


Accessing new opportunity

Europe’s complex supply chains are very demanding. As a vital supplier to companies across the continent, IPP needs first-class delivery and recovery of its pallets. Uber Freight gives them a new level of capacity as well as real-time pricing to help meet these goals.

And that is just the beginning for Mark. By looking at Uber Freight loads across certain geographic areas, he pinpoints new possibilities for IPP. “Uber Freight is able to connect to lanes that we might not have thought about before,” he said.

Thanks to Uber Freight’s capacity and transparency, the collaboration with IPP is off to a powerful start. “The results from working with Uber Freight [are] always improving,” he said. “We’ve seen different changes not only through acquisition but also through growing new markets.”

Advancing corporate goals

A core mission at IPP is to reduce its impact on the environment. “Sustainability is in the DNA of the entire organization,” said Frans Colthoff, communications manager at IPP. You can see this in the construction of their reusable pallets, which are specifically built for a 10-year lifecycle.

Limiting the number of empty miles on loads is a major priority for lowering their carbon footprint. Uber Freight helps them maximize their loads with growing access to capacity. The end result is that they can plan their loads more holistically. “That is the essence of pallet pooling—efficiency, sustainability,” said Frans.

The launch of Uber Freight in the Netherlands and Germany creates new avenues for carriers and shippers to achieve their goals. Sign up here to get started.


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