How freight insights gives shippers a data edge

December 9 / US
How freight insights gives shippers a data edge

Every shipper wants to be an operation favored by carriers. Likewise, carriers and their drivers want to have a seamless experience at the facilities they visit. After all, for carriers and shippers, there is a lot riding on the line every day.

To begin a dialogue to drive change across the industry, Uber Freight launched facility ratings to help drivers communicate with shippers about their facilities. Facility ratings give drivers an opportunity to leave a star rating and written comments about facilities they work with on every load.

Drivers can leave feedback on things like waiting times, the amenities at a facility, and their interaction with staff. The benefit for shippers is that they receive actionable feedback about their operations that can be used to plan changes to help become a preferred destination with drivers.

Collecting and providing facility data for shippers

No facilities are alike. And to successfully improve a facility’s operations, shippers need unique data for each location. The Uber Freight platform does just that. We collect and quantify data from facility ratings and make these findings available on the shipper platform through freight insights.

When a shipper accesses their account, they can easily find this information by clicking “Insights” in the top menu bar. Clicking “Facilities” in the left menu bar will allow them to see statistics and feedback for each specific facility that has shipped a load with Uber Freight.

The average driver rating for an individual facility is displayed on the dashboard. These ratings help give shippers a sense of the overall performance at all facilities, either in general or compared to one another.

By clicking on an individual facility, shippers can dig deeper and will be able to see recent reviews. These comments provide insights into what’s working well and what may need improvement. If you are a shipper with multiple facilities, compare the comments. You may discover in the reviews that a lower-rated facility lacks certain amenities like a bathroom or shower area.

But does any of this matter?

Uber Freight’s first Facility Insight Report, published earlier this year, showed that drivers book loads faster at facilities with higher ratings. On average, 18 Uber Freight app users view an individual load at a 4-star facility before it gets booked. But for a 5-star facility, it takes just 9 users to view a load before booking.

Fewer views to book a load has huge implications for businesses that need to move loads quickly— especially when capacity is tight across the freight market.

And the most important thing to those drivers leaving ratings? Getting back on the road quickly. Within the insights feature, you’ll also find stats around on-time performance, a carrier’s average time spent at the facility, and detention spend. Pay attention to this data as it can help you get a sense of what timing is like at an individual facility

Facility ratings is just one of the ways Uber Freight strives to make the freight industry better for carriers and shippers alike. To learn more, go to


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