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Uber Freight announces its first electric truck pilot, partnering with WattEV and CHEP on southern California routes

February 21, 2023 / US
Uber Freight announces its first electric truck pilot, partnering with WattEV and CHEP on southern California routes

Today, Uber Freight, WattEV and CHEP have announced a strategic, joint effort to deploy electric trucks on select routes in Southern California. As part of this collaboration, WattEV will provide electric trucking capacity to Uber Freight shippers, starting with CHEP. The pilot serves as an important milestone in electric freight transportation and establishes Uber Freight’s first EV deployment.

As the industry experiments with sustainable alternatives to complement traditional capacity, this pilot will provide stakeholders with valuable insight into the logistical complexities of electrifying freight transportation. It will combine Uber Freight’s expansive network of digitally-enabled carriers with WattEV’s innovative electric fleet and charging infrastructure network. CHEP will be the first shipper to participate in the pilot, prioritizing electric capacity on the Southern California route.

“Our business relies on heavy-duty road transport, which is one of the biggest challenges to transition our value chain to net-zero emissions by 2040, CHEP’s long-term decarbonisation goal. This first electric truck pilot in the U.S., in partnership with Uber Freight and WattEV, is a step in the right direction as we move towards a net positive impact. We are proud to partner with our carriers and our customers as we together scale up electrification opportunities and deliver on our shared decarbonization goals,” said Marisa Sánchez Urrea, Director of Global Supply Chain Decarbonisation at Brambles, CHEP’s parent company.

The pilot builds on WattEV’s mission to develop a nationwide network of heavy-duty charging facilities that will serve fleets of electric trucks. Via the Uber Freight platform, CHEP will be able to book, schedule, and complete loads, track status and load KPIs, and manage paperwork all in one place.

“We are proud to be a zero emission transport solution of choice for Uber Freight and their customers,” said Salim Youssefzadeh, CEO of WattEV. “Combining our transport business and our Truck-as-a-Service model, we are able to use Uber Freight’s digital platform to serve the shippers and their customers with our zero-emission truck routes and services.”

As electric trucks hit the road, environmentally-conscious shippers and customers are turning to electrified capacity to meet their transportation needs and achieve their sustainability commitments. In addition to the benefits of zero emissions and the absence of engine noise and fumes, widespread adoption of electric trucks will decrease the reliance on non-renewable fuels with volatile prices and reduce maintenance costs.

“Electric trucks are finally here, and we’re proud to partner with WattEV to offer Uber Freight shippers even more ways to move freight more sustainably,” said Uber Freight Head of Sustainability, Illina Frankiv. “Electric trucks will have a profound impact on logistics, and we’re excited to build the technology platform to enable their seamless integration into supply chains”

Uber Freight’s expansive network is uniquely positioned to navigate the logistical complexities of integrating electric vehicles into shippers’ transportation strategy. By partnering with EV carriers and charging network providers like WattEV, and shippers every step of the way, Uber Freight is the proven network of choice for shippers and carriers to integrate emerging technologies into their supply chains.

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