Month: April 2019

Uber Freight and SAP partner together to help drive more transparency across the industry.

Mark your calendars! At the 17th annual Shipper Symposium (May 6-8), we are proud to be hosting transportation experts and leading supply chain professionals from a variety of industries to discuss topics geared toward helping you operate your supply chain more efficiently. This year, we’re presenting a wide range of unique breakout sessions that will…

After two decades in the oil business, Jill Maschmeier found herself at a career crossroads.

Heart-stopping vistas, legendary highways, and iconic destinations. You’ll love our list of one-of-a-kind truck stops.

Three months into 2019, the industry has already experienced a number of developments impacting shippers and carriers alike. For example, we’ve recently seen events such as the bomb cyclone, flooding in the Midwest and the ongoing gridlock at the U.S.-Mexico Border impact supply chains across North America and directly affect the freight market. It’s critical…

Truck driver Xavres Good went from Hollywood to the open road. He shared his thoughts on the industry with us at MATS 2019.

Matthew Velasquez shares advice for industry newcomers and his view on the unique lifestyle of truck drivers.

“Instead of having to go to a customer and get unloaded for countless hours, I can just go and give them my pickup or delivery number, hook up, and I’m out in 10 minutes.”

Sandford Hall has been in the trucking industry for over 25 years. Hear what he has to say about the future of trucking and his favorite parts about driving.

**The following is an update to the Logistics Alert blog originally posted on April 3, 2019. As stated to the press yesterday, President Trump will not be closing the U.S-Mexico border. According to Time, “Trump told reporters Thursday he would try the ‘less drastic measure’ before resorting to his standing border-closure threat.” However, border control…