Month: July 2020

For nonprofits, securing logistics can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. Technology like the Uber Freight shipper platform can alleviate traditional shipping pain points and help nonprofits focus on their missions.

By actively monitoring unforeseen events like global pandemics and natural disasters in real-time, Transplace uses our advanced technology to report on supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions in shipments, allowing shippers to make decisions quickly and efficiently. To further support shipper’s efforts to mitigate logistics disruptions, we recently developed a new breakthrough feature displaying vital COVID-19…

This month’s market report shows carriers turning to the spot market, shippers leveraging pricing APIs, and facility ratings stabilizing.

Price Itemization, streamlined end-to-end pricing, and ETAs are some new shipper platform features helping small businesses take on pandemic obstacles.

This new API partnership delivers market-based pricing to shippers so they can make fast decisions and operate in real-time.

When the pandemic hit, Sweet Shop USA pivoted a quarter of their business to hand-making medical face shields instead of chocolates.

In a volatile or shifting market, API integrations provide shippers access to data insights, consistent and reliable deliveries, and lower prices.