Month: May 2019

Uber Freight helps owner-operator Tom Cowart across his business, from finding the right loads in the carrier or app to using the carrier rewards program for fuel, tires, and more.

Since the debut of the shipper platform, we’ve added new functionality and refined its capabilities even further.

Tony Justice is living out his two childhood dreams: driving a truck and being a musician.

Every day, we deliver the technology and resources these customers need to accelerate results for their business.

Uber Freight helped Argo Fine Imports spend less time negotiating prices from brokers and more time booking loads.

Jeanna Hysell has been in the trucking industry for 40 years, starting as a driver when she was a teenager. Now, she’s a senior safety consultant.

“Uber Freight brings incredible capacity when it comes to shipping.” — Hari Ashvini of SAP

Like many carriers, Ferdinand Heres believes there’s too much time wasted in the traditional booking process of calling a brokerage.

Paige Cox, the head of SAP’s Logistics Business Network, shares her vision of what the future of shipping and logistics technology can look like.

Our 17th annual Shipper Symposium in Dallas, Texas wrapped up today — and from the insightful keynote speakers and breakout presenters to the activities and attendees, we’re positive that this year’s event has been one of the best yet. During the three days, industry leaders, executives, partners, sponsors and shippers had the opportunity to discuss…