How Uber Freight helps carriers fuel success on and off the road

May 30 / US
How Uber Freight helps carriers fuel success on and off the road

When it comes to trucking, Tom Cowart isn’t afraid to put in the hard work. He started driving professionally 5 years ago, and in that short time, he’s become an owner-operator running under his own authority. And even though his home base is in Fort Worth, Texas, he’ll drive loads anywhere across the lower 48. “I go where the money is and where it makes sense,” he said.

To fuel his success, Tom looks for companies that work just as hard as he does.

“Uber Freight is my go-to freight provider,” he said. But for him, finding the loads he needs is just the start. Tom is a power user of the Uber Freight Plus program that offers discounts on fuel, service, maintenance, and more. The combination of great loads and operational savings means that Uber Freight is helping Tom across his business—on the road, at the pump, and in the garage.

Finding the right loads

Tom was an early adopter of Uber Freight—he started booking loads in December 2017—and running almost 200 loads since then, he understands what he’s getting with Uber Freight. “You can book a load 24-7,” Tom said. “You don’t have to wait until Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. I love it.”

While nationwide access to loads is great, Tom also appreciates some of the small things that Uber Freight app provides to make his life easier.

For instance, Tom appreciates the clear load details in the Uber Freight app. “I have a pretty long truck, probably four feet longer than a regular-sized semi truck,” Tom said. “I like to look at the satellite image of the location to see if my truck and trailer will fit on that facility without making it too much of a hassle.”

Saving money on gas and more

To excel on the road, owner-operators need to find savings wherever they can. That’s why we created the Uber Freight Plus program. It bundles discounts on a wide range of goods and services carriers need every day.

For many carriers, the biggest draw of the Plus program is the fuel discount available on the Uber Freight Fuel Card, powered by Comdata. “When I first started, I only used my ATM card and was only getting the cash price,” Tom said. “Now that I’m using the Uber card, I get the cash price plus 20¢ off at TA and Petro.” He estimates that he’s saved over $4300 since he started using Uber Freight Plus Fuel Card.

Tom has also received Uber Freight Plus discounts on new tires and oil changes for service work done at TAs and Petrol.

Moving carriers forward

For Tom Cowart, every detail is important to his success. If you’re an owner-operator or small fleet looking for the work and rewards you deserve, sign up for Uber Freight and the Uber Freight Plus program today.


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