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Key learnings on how shippers can earn favorability amongst carriers

January 30, 2020 / US
Key learnings on how shippers can earn favorability amongst carriers

Facilities are a critical touchpoint for the freight industry, often offering the only point of interaction between shippers and the carriers they depend on. Despite their importance, the size and complexity of facility operations make it hard for shippers to identify problems.

To address this, we introduced the facility ratings app feature to encourage industry-wide collaboration, empower carriers and their drivers to share honest feedback about facilities, and give shippers the information and data to take action. We then released our first Facility Insights Report 6 months later to illustrate the experience carriers and their drivers have at facilities across the country and also offer potential areas of improvement for the entire freight ecosystem. Now, we’re releasing the second edition of our Facility Insights Report, giving shippers the actionable insights they need to address inefficiencies in their supply chains where it matters most—the facility.

Since introducing facility ratings, we’ve collected over 500,000 ratings and over 115,000 reviews, and shippers of all sizes are leveraging this data to improve their facilities in meaningful ways. In this second report, we see shippers fostering stronger working relationships with carriers through shorter wait times and better facility amenities. This, in turn, leads to carriers giving higher ratings, which leads to faster bookings, more return carriers, and lower accessorial costs.

More changes driven by data

We are also continuing on our mission to enhance the facility experience by releasing 3 new carrier app updates. While booking their next load, carriers and their drivers will now be able to view estimated wait times and more detailed information about facility entrances to streamline their visits. After pickup or delivery, additional feedback options will allow for richer, more diverse reviews.

Uber Freight is uniquely positioned to jump-start facility transformations across the freight marketplace. When facilities run smoothly, the impact extends far beyond a single load or driver relationship – the entire industry moves forward.

Download the full report here.

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