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3 ways Uber Freight provides shippers with more capacity

December 18, 2019 / US
3 ways Uber Freight provides shippers with more capacity

Capacity is at the top of every shipper’s priority list. No matter if it’s to meet an urgent need in the spot market or energizing a complex supply chain over the long-term, being able to move loads reliably is the foundation of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

That’s why from its first mile Uber Freight has allocated so much time, personnel, and resources to building its network of trusted carriers.

Today, with more than 50,000 carriers and hundreds of thousands of drivers, Uber Freight boasts the largest digitally activated carrier network. And that’s just the beginning. This network of owner-operators and small fleets gives shippers the capacity and the confidence needed to keep their businesses in high gear.

An always-on nationwide network

When it comes to capacity, it’s all about the numbers. Uber Freight posts some very impressive stats when it comes to its network. These are just some of the reasons why Uber Freight has a 99% tender acceptance.

  • 50,000 carriers
  • 500,000+ trucks
  • 500,000 + downloads of the Uber Freight app

But as big as our network is, it’s still nimble. Carriers are searching and booking loads every hour of the day, every day of the year. Thanks to this robust engagement, 80% of our bounced or canceled loads are quickly re-booked through the app by another carrier.

Equally important, anytime shippers need to post a load, they can make it available 24/7. It doesn’t get any more flexible than that.

Ramping up fleets

To bring more fleets into our network, we recently launched the Uber Freight web portal. Now fleets can access loads through desktop or laptop computers using most internet browsers.

The web portal offers all the functionality and ease-of-use of the Uber Freight app. Now, dispatchers can book and assign loads, designate and transfer loads to drivers, and more, all from the computer they use every day.

For the utmost flexibility, dispatchers can switch from the web portal to the Uber Freight app and back so no matter which way works best at that moment, they’re ready to roll.

The end result? With the Uber Freight web portal, dispatchers have improved control of their drivers and loads in the same intuitive interface. This, in turn, provides more visibility and control of their freight operations.

Trailer pool and flatbed

Capacity is more than just a numbers game. It’s also about expanding options for both shippers and carriers.

Powerloop, an affiliate of Uber Freight, is opening the efficiencies of drop-freight to more and more operations. Its single, scaled trailer pool that can be tapped into by carriers and shippers of every size.

After running Texas lanes for more than a year, Powerloop recently started service in California. Now even more shippers can expand their operations without spending money on trailers (and carriers will enjoy more time driving and less time waiting).

Uber Freight can help you add capacity to your operations. To learn more, or to contact an Uber Freight representative, go to

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