Candy Bass

April 22 / US
Candy Bass

Candy has been driving for almost 50 years. But 45 years ago, she had no idea that she even wanted to drive a truck. Her best advice for building a career? “Have patience and always smile at the customer.”

During her career, Candy has amassed a supportive — and massive — community of friends and fans in the trucking industry that know her as Grandma Candy (even though some are many years older). The 2016 winner of TA Petro’s Citizen Driver award, her name is now on a Tennessee truck stop known as “The Candy Store.” She chose this particular stop because it had always treated female drivers well – not a given in the industry.

Shopping clothing sales around the country and getting paid to see travel destinations are some of Candy’s favorite parts of the job. But she feels especially lucky to be “blessed with wonderful friends” in the industry. They’ve become her family.


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