Hoboken Brewing Company improves beer runs with Uber Freight

July 28 / US
Hoboken Brewing Company improves beer runs with Uber Freight

Hoboken, New Jersey, is not the capital of craft beer—at least not yet. Brendan Drury and Andrew Zebrowski are the founders of Hoboken Brewing Company, a two-man startup dedicated to putting their small town just across the water from New York city on the craft brewing map.

Here’s how Uber Freight is helping them on this journey.


In the beverage industry, freight is a major outlay every producer struggles to control. Compounding this problem for Brendan and Andrew is the fact that Hoboken Brewing Company doesn’t have its own dedicated brewing facility. Until their location comes online, Hoboken Brewing’s session ales are created at partner locations in New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida.

These long supply lines caused the new company difficulties. “It increases the amount of freight we need to get—either fresh beer up to us or empty kegs down to them,” Andrew said. “A big challenge we saw was cost. Margins are our lifeblood.”

This complex supply chain also made scheduling tricky. Hoboken Brewing’s partner brewers need 5-7 days advance notice on shipment requirements. “Not having flexibility, when things happen—like packaging delays—is not very convenient,” Andrew said.

And as a small operation, they don’t have someone dedicated at their facility to accept deliveries. Shipments arriving unexpectedly created a lot of stress. “It was usually a challenge with other freight companies because they would randomly show up or just give a ballpark ETA,” Brendan said.

Beer above the Hoboken skyline and Hoboken Brewing Company founders Brendan and Andrew


To help solve these issues, Hoboken Brewing started shipping with Uber Freight, and for them, it has helped to keep their margins healthy. For them, lane explorer has been a game changer—allowing them to preview and book real-time, market-based rates up to 2 weeks in advance.

“Cost was always an X factor, it didn’t seem consistent, and I was negotiating all the time,” Andrew said about his experiences with other freight companies. “With Uber Freight, we know what the costs are ahead of time.”

Transparency into their operations has also increased since using the Uber Freight platform for shippers, allowing them more control and oversight and the ability to track loads in real-time.

“We had all these routes we had to get done—one from Florida, one from Virgina, one back to Florida,” Andrew said. Now, instead of making numerous phone calls to book shipments, it only takes them a few minutes to schedule a load. They also know exactly when a shipment will arrive, ensuring they always have someone available at a facility to accept.

“Uber Freight is light years ahead compared to what we were used to,” he said.

Make a move for the better

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