Big data from Uber Freight delivers change for shippers and carriers

October 1 / US
Big data from Uber Freight delivers change for shippers and carriers

For companies in every sector, data is changing the game. With the right insights and quantifiable information, savvy businesses can create efficiency, boost output, and seize new opportunities.

In the world of freight, the data revolution is shifting into high gear.

Uber Freight is helping accelerate change in the industry by harnessing the power of data. As this video demonstrates, putting the ingenuity of a worldwide logistics leader to work can offer a range of benefits to both shippers and carriers alike, including more accurate ETAs and increased driver satisfaction.

Invaluable facility feedback

One of the key sets of data Uber Freight is collecting are facility ratings. When a load is completed, carriers using the Uber Freight app can leave star ratings and written comments about both the pickup and delivery facilities they visited on that particular load.

To date, Uber Freight has collected over 400,000 driver ratings on the 45,000 facilities covered by its network.

Receiving candid feedback on facilities is a great tool for shippers looking for ways to improve their facilities for the drivers that visit them and also improve operations. Likewise, carriers and their drivers appreciate being able to see facility ratings and reviews when choosing a load.

If you want to see what Uber Freight facility ratings can reveal about the industry, be sure to check out the recently released Facility Insights Report. It gives readers an overview of how drivers view facilities and what needs to be done to improve operations.

Real-time tracking

Another vital datapoint the industry needs more transparency on is location status. Calling drivers for location checks is not only a time-waster for everyone involved, it can also be a major source of frustration.

All loads booked through the Uber Freight app feature real-time tracking. Shippers simply call up the load and they will see on a map where the load is. Shippers can also set up email alerts for load when the load reaches certain milestones, such as arriving at a facility.

To learn how you can improve your own operations, be sure to get in touch with our team.


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