Ike Stephens

October 10 / US
Ike Stephens

When you ask Ike why he likes his job, he says it’s magnetic. “There’s something about that I can’t really explain – it just draws you in,” he says. And he’s been drawn in for the last 15 years.

There’s a lot to love about the trucking industry, but Ike is also not afraid to talk about the other side of the coin. Negotiating for detention pay, slow compensation times, and public perception of truck drivers all have plenty of room for improvement are just a few of the obstacles that drivers face. Ike knows the industry is changing fast and says that drivers need to evolve right along with it. He likes Uber Freight’s new technology because it’s easy to use and provides key information about pricing, time, and load descriptions up front.

As a YouTube personality, Ike values honesty and transparency. His audience is often younger individuals looking for information on the trucking industry and he feels a responsibility to tell it like it is. “I’m not afraid to put it out there and say hey, stuff needs to change out here,” he says. Ultimately, he hopes his videos show the wider world that humans — with real families and personalities — are driving the freight industry. “They’ll see that we’re all people, and realize ‘hey, I respect these people.”


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