J Canell

November 1 / US
J Canell

A member of the trucking industry for over a decade, Joseph “J” wants you to hear him out. The driver job (though J says it’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle) is all about communication – “when you can’t trust who you’re speaking to, the industry doesn’t work.” Uber Freight provides J with streamlined communication and guaranteed load pricing information up front. “I factor it real quick. Boom, I’ll take this load.”

Truck drivers want, and need, to be heard on issues facing their industry. As new technology develops, there’s a sense of uncertainty – is the truck driving profession here to stay? J says absolutely. “Trucking is the lifeblood of this country. It’ll be there.”

He’s no stranger to change and challenge, both within the industry and outside. In 2011, just a year after a beloved friend passed away, J’s father was diagnosed with cancer. “I became depressed. I was on the road, and I was shutting down.” It was then, thankfully, that J discovered the vlogging community. “I was watching YouTube and I thought, I can do that.” The community helped him find his voice. Now, he’s here to tell the world that truck drivers are some of the strongest people he’s ever met. “We move the country. We get things done the hard way.”


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