LoShawn Parks

April 1 / US
LoShawn Parks

Originally from Louisiana, LoShawn lives in Charlotte, NC with his family. When he first started driving in 2013, his wife made what LoShawn calls “the ultimate sacrifice” for the family. She went on the road with him during that first year so she could come home and explain to the kids exactly what dad was doing all day long.

Before hitting the road, LoShawn played professional poker for 13 years. He’s a master of the poker face, but now prefers to wear his thoughts on his sleeve. His favorite thing about driving a truck? “The freedom,” he says. His least favorite part is when he encounters others within the industry who don’t treat drivers with respect. “As drivers, we need to be on time,” he says. “Shippers need to load us on time and receivers need to offload us on time.” For LoShawn, respect for other people’s time is the key to a unified, productive, and happy freight industry.

And if you see LoShawn on the highway, don’t cut him off. He says he can tell by the way cars interact with him on the road that the American public may see trucks as obstacles in their way. But the reality is “you’re gonna want us in the way again – if we don’t deliver products, America doesn’t move.”


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