Mitigate Logistics Disruptions Due to COVID-19

July 17 / US
Mitigate Logistics Disruptions Due to COVID-19

By actively monitoring unforeseen events like global pandemics and natural disasters in real-time, Transplace uses our advanced technology to report on supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions in shipments, allowing shippers to make decisions quickly and efficiently. To further support shipper’s efforts to mitigate logistics disruptions, we recently developed a new breakthrough feature displaying vital COVID-19 location impact on global shipments through our Transplace TMS Control Tower and Public Tracking Portal, an innovative track and trace solution designed to provide end-to-end visibility of any shipment’s movement globally in the Transplace TMS. The upgraded capability helps users quickly visualize and anticipate pockets of risk for shipments in route.

Our leading-edge Public Tracking Portal and Control Tower offer an intuitive dashboard providing real-time logistic intelligence. With access to more than $11 billion in freight-under-management, shippers benefit from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics to make data-backed decisions,optimize supply chain strategies, and mitigate logistics disruptions.

Transplace’s Public Tracking Portal and Control Tower now offer opportunities to speed shippers’ response to crisis-driven shifts in supply chain strategies.

Avoid Disruptions with Real-Time Shipment Management

As Transplace’s customers outlined COVID-19 challenges, including real-time shipment status, disruptions, and joint visibility with suppliers, our team quickly developed this innovative feature to show hot spots of virus impact.

The data-rich feature offers shippers and carriers the ability to:

  • Track the status of loads and visualize impact areas around the route of the shipment that may be potentially delayed or cancelled due to the coronavirus.
  • Identify potential disruption on carrier networks, mostly due to non-essential businesses shutting down.
  • Identify shifts where suppliers potentially source their shipments.

The new COVID-19 dashboard also includes daily alerts issued by states and countries, as well as municipalities, airports, and other transportation infrastructure sources.

Shippers will be able to see the following information for all shipments:

  • Location
  • Number of Confirmed Virus Cases
  • Number of Deaths
  • Number of Recovered

Full Visibility and Control over Shipping & Transport Modes

With the addition of the COVID-19 dashboard, shipping information and transport modes are completely transparent and can be shared between shippers and suppliers through the Transplace Public Tracking Portal, minimizing risk to both. Our customers rely on our predictive analysis and supply chain intelligence as a central source of vital information in managing dynamic and complex logistics planning to proactively adjust and avoid disruptions in their transportation network. The addition of this new feature built into the Transplace Public Tracking Portal and Control Tower continues that model of innovation and reliability.

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