Maximizing savings as a new owner-operator with Uber Freight

September 16 / US
Maximizing savings as a new owner-operator with Uber Freight

You don’t have to talk with Robert Givens for very long before you hear him laugh. The positive attitude is just what he hoped for when he made the move to owner-operator.

Not so long ago, Robert realized he needed to make a professional change—big time. So, after 24 years of driving a truck for other people, he saved up his money, did his homework, and became his own boss.

His rig, he admits, isn’t a beauty, but it gets the job done. More importantly, it’s all his.

Robert has been an owner-operator for 4 months, working exclusively in Texas. “I am so much happier now that I am able to do my own thing, book my own loads, go where I want to go,” he said. “It has just made my job so much better.”

A load off his shoulders

Starting out as an owner-operator, Robert was concerned that because he didn’t have connections with brokers, he wouldn’t be able to keep his truck running full-time. What’s more, he felt at a disadvantage when negotiating.

Fortunately for him, a friend recommended Uber Freight. “If it wasn’t for Uber Freight, I don’t know where I’d be,” he said.

Robert is a big fan of the Uber Freight app. He appreciates its ease of use and quick access to loads, 24/7. “They make it so easy to book a load,” he said. “Very direct.”

Not only does Robert find loads with Uber Freight, he feels less stress overall, too. Upfront, no-haggle pricing simplifies his selection process while building his understanding of the freight marketplace.

Saving with Uber Freight Plus

For owner-operators, a penny saved is a penny earned. That’s why Robert turns to Uber Freight Plus, a program that helps carriers save money on goods and services.

Recently, Robert bought new tires using the available Goodyear discount. When he found out the final price of the new tires, he thought it was a bargain.

“I wanted to sneak out of there as quick as possible because it sounded like a mistake,” he said with a laugh. “It was really great.”

Robert is also looking forward to taking advantage of other Uber Freight Plus discounts.

Now that he’s settled in as an owner-operator, he’s looking to do more OTR hauls, so the TA Petro fuel discount will be handy because it’s a nationwide chain. Furthermore, he says he will be using the Uber Freight Plus discount on used trucks when he’s ready to step up to a newer vehicle.

Free quick pay

Another way Robert keeps his costs down is with Uber Freight’s free quick pay.

Payment for all Uber Freight loads arrive within 7 days of submitting the POD. So, even though he signed up with a factoring company, he hasn’t had the need to use them.

“They call me and they call me, and what can I say?” he asks. “Uber pays me every week.”

Becoming an owner-operator has given Robert Givens a new outlook on his job and his future. Visit the Uber Freight website to learn more about how Uber Freight is improving the lives of carriers.

Terms apply. Please see the Uber Freight Plus terms and conditions.


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