Transplace Employee Training 2017: Always Striving to Thrill

April 4 / US
Transplace Employee Training 2017: Always Striving to Thrill

By: Jessica Lynch, Vice President of HR, Transplace

It’s an especially exciting time for Transplace. From an HR perspective, our company has been growing steadily both organically from new business and through acquisitions, and we focus on attracting and developing talent in order to best meet the needs of customers and carriers. This growth has impacted the makeup of our employee base and training programs. My objective is to help new hires understand the Transplace business so we’re setting them up to be confident in their roles and to successfully thrill the customer – one of our company’s core values.

Historically, most of our new employee training, known as the new hire roadmap or learning plan, would be administered online through our learning management system. This year, our format has changed so that we’re overlaying the roadmap with a comprehensive classroom training including follow-up from the training manager over the course of a new hire’s first four weeks. We’re also measuring the trainer’s performance each week to see if he/she is getting better as we’ve also put structure around the actual training program itself.

The new hire classroom training builds from week to week – starting with an introduction to supply chain management, logistics, transportation and Transplace’s solution and service offerings. During Week 1, employees are also introduced to our customer service philosophy of exceeding customer expectations through superior quality and value.

We kick off Week 2 with hands-on training in our transportation management system (TMS) following the full order to cash cycle. These interactive sessions include coaching on what questions to ask in real work environments and situations. This week allows new hires to get a better feel for “A Day in the Life” of working for Transplace. Woven into the training are lessons learned and feedback received from customers to ensure everyone within the organization – from new hires and trainers to the HR department and our CEO – understands their needs and are equipped to deliver outstanding service.

Week 3 of training has new hires job shadowing the first half of the week before jumping in the seat themselves to put their training into action while trainers observe their progress. The final week of training means our new hires are ready to be independent and apply everything they’ve learned during the previous 3 weeks of training. The group of employees that go through this training together, regardless of what team they land on, will have built strong relationships and comradery with each other. It is extremely helpful for new hires to have others in the company to go to and depend on if need be.

Making these shifts to our training programs reflect our beliefs of keeping our customers and carriers of central focus by investing in new hires and developing them as intergral members of the Transplace family from Day 1 – prepared and excited to serve. To our customers, this directly translates into improved financial performance, operational excellence and confidence and peace of mind in us as your partner. It’s our employees who execute projects for our customers and always push themselves to do better, and what makes Transplace great is the fact that we don’t settle for status quo, and this shines through in how our employees are constantly striving to “Thrill the Customer.”

When internal support is happening – from taking a more structured approach to training new hires and investing in manager empowerment – the desire to do what it takes for the success of the customer not only comes from the top-down, but from bottom-up as well. At Transplace, you can guarantee that as a new hire, a customer or carrier – we’ll have your back.

What new hire training do you employ? How is it similar or different than ours? I would love to hear about it.

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