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Introducing a new Uber Freight experience for carriers and dispatchers

August 19, 2019 / US
Introducing a new Uber Freight experience for carriers and dispatchers

At Uber Freight, we know that every trucking company runs a little differently. From day one, we’ve built technology to make the experience of finding and booking the right freight seamless for carriers and their drivers, no matter their size or how they operate. Now, we’re introducing a web portal, specifically designed to help dispatchers simplify their workflow. We’re also excited to showcase a new app interface, built to ensure a more intuitive experience. Both the web portal and app will make it easier than ever for carriers, from owner-operators to large fleets, to keep trucks moving and their businesses thriving.

Load details and fleet management tools directly within the web portal.

Giving dispatchers the tools they need

As trucking companies grow, it can become increasingly difficult for dispatchers to keep trucks utilized by assigning the right loads to the right drivers within their fleets. Built with the power user in mind, our new web portal is easy to navigate and designed entirely for desktops and laptops, so dispatchers can clearly and conveniently book and manage loads for their drivers. Now with several optimized platform options, carriers, dispatchers, and drivers can easily access Uber Freight and all of the information they need to run their businesses, whether they’re on the road or at the office.

Search and truck list functionality allow dispatchers to find ideal loads quickly and efficiently.

The web portal equips dispatchers with the tools they need to easily visualize and accelerate their workflow, Dispatchers can view and book loads, assign them to available drivers, and manage them from end-to-end, all via their web browser. Additionally, dispatchers can list their trucks’ availability, and ideal loads will be recommended to them and available to book directly within the web portal.

Helping carriers and drivers focus on the road ahead

To make the mobile experience even more seamless, we’re also rolling out an improved app interface for faster, more intuitive booking, all inspired by direct feedback from carriers and their drivers.

It’s now easier and faster than ever before to find available loads, and drivers will now have more visibility into the information they need to book the loads that are right for them. Redesigned load cards are clearer, and contain more information such as upfront rate per mile and reload details to help carriers and drivers confidently book their next load, and keep their truck utilized. Richer facility insights from our facility ratings feature are now fully integrated into the app as well, meaning that drivers can see ratings, reviews, and amenities for each facility before booking a load. With all of this information at their fingertips, carriers and their drivers are equipped with the tools and resources they need to run and grow their businesses effectively.

Our goal at Uber Freight is to create a transparent and efficient freight ecosystem, with intuitive tools for shippers and carriers of all sizes. Our web booking portal and app redesign take into account specific feedback and requests from our users, and are the result of a significant amount of thought and work from our engineering and product teams.

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The app update rolls out to iOS and Android in August. Uber Freight’s new web portal will be available in September.

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