Uber Freight expands shipper platform to support small businesses during the pandemic

July 10 / US
Uber Freight expands shipper platform to support small businesses during the pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen small businesses rise to the challenge and quickly adapt their operations in an uncertain market. Throughout this time, technology has played a crucial role in helping these businesses adjust to demand, source capacity in real time and manage new costs.

Hatch Chile Company saw record volume in the exceptional freight market of March-April 2020. Demand for some of their most popular grocery products grew by over 100% as consumers stocked up to prepare meals at home. Already an Uber Freight partner, the company tapped into Uber Freight’s shipper platform to maintain consistent, reliable deliveries to customers. “The Uber Freight platform itself is fantastic – no one else we work with has an online portal that’s as robust,” says David Gregory, President of Hatch Chile Co. 

Additionally, Hatch Chile Co. was able to take advantage of Uber Freight’s relief load initiative to save on transportation costs and support their community. “We especially appreciate Uber Freight’s relief program, which helped us absorb cost increases elsewhere in the supply chain and keep our goods moving to grocery customers. In total, we were able to save about $6,000 over 50 different relief loads which really benefited our operations.

Leading freight technology for small businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and Uber Freight’s technology has consistently evolved to support their growth. These small teams have historically been underserved by tech solutions and rely on time-consuming processes across their operations. In transportation management especially, spreadsheets and hours of phone calls to tender and track loads remain the norm. 

The Uber Freight shipper platform is a simple, intuitive dashboard built to help small businesses manage all their particular logistics needs in one place: finding reliable capacity, budgeting for shipping costs, tracking and ensuring their goods are delivered on-time. The platform now serves thousands of customers across the US and Europe, supporting tens of thousands of loads through the full freight lifecycle. 

As the freight market contracted over the past few months, Uber Freight has seen the number of small businesses using the shipper platform grow 10 times year-over-year and continued to onboard hundreds of new businesses every week.

New features simplify transportation management

As Uber Freight has grown, we’ve worked directly with shippers to develop new functionality in the platform. We’ve recently introduced a number of new features:

  • To improve the tendering process, Price Itemization allows shippers to input more detailed load needs with hours of lead time, and lock in transparent pricing and special needs like driver assistance in advance.
  • We’re streamlining the end-to-end payments process for shippers, improving invoicing and billing with instantly-accessible Billing Pages and testing expanded payment options like credit cards.
  • ETAs can now give customers real-time predictions of when loads will arrive at their destinations, and Shipment Ratings allow customers to rate their load experience on a 1-5 star scale directly in the platform.

As the market stabilizes and the economy adjusts to a new normal, we’ll continue to grow our network and prioritize shipper needs. We’re committed to help small businesses optimize their operations and deliver quality customer service with the help of digital freight. 

To learn more about the Uber Freight shipper platform, click here.

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