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Uber Freight welcomes D’Andrae Larry as Head of Intermodal

July 24, 2023 / US
Uber Freight welcomes D’Andrae Larry as Head of Intermodal

Shippers are increasingly turning to intermodal — shipping through multiple transportation modes like rail and drayage — for its efficiency, optionality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability benefits. As the market rebounds, shippers need logistics partners they can rely on to seamlessly weave these solutions into their operations, and fuel business growth at the same time.

To help shippers effectively navigate, plan, and execute intermodal shipping as the landscape continues to evolve, Uber Freight is enhancing our investment in our intermodal suite of solutions. We’re committed to scaling this unit and providing the best combination of rates and routes for shippers through our strong relationships with major rail providers and access to thousands of containers. With this commitment in mind, today, we’re welcoming our new Head of Intermodal, D’Andrae Larry, to support our intermodal shippers every step of the way.

D’Andrae joins us from Norfolk Southern Corporation, where he led the railroad’s successful freight strategy within both their Automotive and Intermodal networks. With over 26 years of industry experience, D’Andrae will be a tremendous asset for our team as we continue to invest heavily in intermodal and enhance our solutions to meet the evolving needs of shippers today.

D’Andrae will play a critical role in ushering in this next chapter for our intermodal unit and driving its growth and success. Managing Uber Freight’s intermodal business — which moved 180K containers and 360K drays last year — he will be responsible for developing our intermodal business strategies, building strategic railroad and commercial relationships, and ultimately leading the team and nurturing its culture.

“We’re thrilled to have D’Andrae join our leadership team to help drive the acceleration of our intermodal unit and deliver even more value for our shippers,” said Lior Ron, CEO of Uber Freight. “Intermodal is a core part of our business and provides a key strategic advantage for our shipping partners, from lowering their carbon footprint to remaining agile in the face of volatility. A proven leader like D’Andrae is paramount for our team and the marketplace alike as the space continues to evolve and grow.”

With Uber Freight’s network scale, industry-leading marketplace technology, and commitment to reducing the environmental impact of moving goods, we’re uniquely positioned to help shape the future of intermodal. As D’Andrae comes aboard the Uber Freight team, he shares what’s top-of-mind for him, and what’s next for the business:

“Shippers are at an inflection point. The market desires optionality across modes, smart innovation that drives resiliency and efficiency, and a trusted logistics partner they can grow with,” D’Andrae said. “Uber Freight is in a unique position to be able to put all those puzzle pieces together, and I’m excited to join the team to help drive transformational growth for the business, our shippers, and their end customers. Intermodal is the perfect vehicle for achieving it all.”

Learn more about how Uber Freight can transform your intermodal strategy here.

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