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Uber Freight Exchange

Welcome to the future of spot and contract freight bidding

Uber Freight helps you win more spot and contract freight, saving you time, allowing for faster decision-making and expanding your business.

  • Single provider for contract and spot freight bidding
  • Remove the manual back-and-forth throughout the spot auction process with upfront pricing and self-serve bidding
  • Grow your business with the ever-growing shipper network, more consistent freight and recommendations

Less admin. More hauling with contract freight.

Uber Freight Exchange simplifies contract bidding by removing manual and time-consuming challenges to accessing and winning bids. With greater time savings, a shared source of truth and an ever-increasing shipper pool, growing your business is easier than ever.

A contract freight bidding tool for your business needs

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Expand your horizons

Receive email bid invitations from shippers and access full bid details on the Uber Freight Exchange: Contract tool. Review, bid and explore similar lanes to expand your business with shippers.

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Meet your one-stop freight bid shop

Reviewing and submitting bids is simple with Uber Freight Exchange: Contract. Receive automated award decisions directly with the tool and access all the details you need like bid terms, lane notes, and more.

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Centralized communications with shippers

Having both shipper and carrier communications managed within Uber Freight Exchange: Contract means no more relying on emails, spreadsheets and phone calls that could get lost in the shuffle. Now there’s one place for all bid invitations, shipment updates and award decisions.

Spot freight, optimized and accelerated with Uber Freight’s network and data

Now, finding spot freight is easier than ever. As the first destination for combined buy-it-now load pricing, bidding and automated tendering, the Uber Freight Exchange platform helps carriers save time, make better and faster decisions and grow their business.

Benefits of the Spot Freight Bidding Platform

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Save time throughout the shipping bid process

Find the best loads for your business with intelligent search, bidding and upfront pricing. See a load you like? Book it now.

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Bid on shipping loads quickly, with confidence

Make better and faster decisions by evaluating loads confidently with upfront load requirements and a search and recommendations experience that’s personalized to you.


Grow your business and increase efficiency

Grow your business with access to more loads from Uber Freight’s network of leading shippers. Get more consistent spot freight via Dedicated Lanes and recommendations for backhauls and reloads.


How can I access Uber Freight Exchange as a carrier?

Sign up here to join the Uber Freight Exchange waitlist.

Are you a shipper? Learn more about what we’re building for you on Uber Freight Exchange here.

Can I see a demo of the product?

To view a detailed demo, join our waitlist and someone from Uber Freight’s carrier team will contact you.

Do I need to be an Uber Freight brokerage carrier in order to bid on spot and contract opportunities?

No, you will be able to see spot and contract opportunities for load providers that you are contracted to work with.

Click here to get started with Uber Freight Exchange.

How much does it cost?

Uber Freight Exchange is currently free for carriers to use.

What equipment types are supported?

Uber Freight Exchange supports a wide variety of equipment types, depending on the load provider. Supported equipment types include dry van, reefer, flatbed, tanker and power only, with more equipment types coming soon.

What geographies and modes are supported?

Uber Freight Exchange supports US and Canada freight. For spot freight, supported mode types include full truckload with more to come soon. We also support live and drop.

For contract freight, we support full truckload, less-than-truckload and intermodal.

What’s the difference between Uber Freight Exchange: Spot and Uber Freight Exchange: Contract?

Exchange: Contract and Exchange: Spot are two offerings available for carriers from Uber Freight. Exchange: Contract allows carriers to bid on contract freight. Within the platform, carriers are able to access bids from multiple shippers; review, submit and get award notifications. In addition, Exchange: Contract provides a central place to track and see final awarded volume and rates.

Exchange: Spot allows carriers to bid on spot freight. It is the first destination for combined book-it-now load pricing, bidding and automated tendering, all powered by intelligent search.

What integrations are available for Uber Freight Exchange?

Search and bid on spot freight via API and set up EDI for load execution. See the developer portal for more information.

How does Uber Freight handle my data?

We take confidentiality seriously and strive to be responsible stewards of all data provided to Uber Freight. Within Uber Freight, we manage data access permissions through robust systems.

Customers do not have access to raw data from any account other than their own. Any benchmarking is shared on an aggregated and anonymized basis only.

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