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Technical Requirements

General Requirements

The Transplace suite of applications can run on any computer with an internet connection and supported browser.  All browsers must be configured to allow cookies, enable JavaScript, enable TLS 1.2, and allow popups from *

The minimum specification for a client computer is as follows:

Processor 1 GHZ CPU
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage 256 MB free space
Screen Resolution 1024×768 @ 96 DPI

We test our website and applications with the latest versions of the browsers listed below to ensure the best possible customer experience. While we don’t recommend a specific browser, we do recommend upgrading to the latest version of the browser available.

Browser Download URL
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome


Desktop Applications

In addition to the general requirements noted above, the Transplace suite of Java Desktop Applications requires Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8 with TLS 1.2 support enabled. Currently, desktop applications only support JRE version 8. You can download Java at You can check to ensure you have the recommended version at


Network Configuration

In order to ensure connectivity to the Transplace suite of applications you will want to ensure traffic to Transplace servers are allowed over port 80 and port 443. Additionally, we suggest you add our two Class C networks to allow/permit list: and 208.191.62./0/24 to ensure trouble free connectivity. Alternatively, you can add individuals hosts to allow/permit list:

Host IP Address


Unexpected results may occur if using any configuration outside of what is supported. ** Please check back as Technical Requirements are subject to change.