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Uber Freight expands into Canada

October 30, 2019 / US
Uber Freight expands into Canada

Freight logistics is a global industry. It underpins nearly every economy and yet is still wrought with inefficiencies. Earlier this year, we brought Uber Freight’s technology to European customers across the Netherlands and Germany. Now, we’re bringing Uber Freight to our North American neighbor, Canada.

Today, Uber Freight is facilitating loads in Ontario and Quebec domestically and across the border to Midwestern and Northeastern states in the US, with future plans to expand to the rest of Canada. With its deep industry expertise, sophisticated marketplace technology, and reliable carrier base, Uber Freight will facilitate seamless domestic and cross-border loads. Carriers and their drivers based in the US and Canada can use the Uber Freight app—now in English and French—to run and grow their businesses with ease.

Canada is one of the United States’ most trusted trade partners—over $600 billion in goods traveled between the 2 countries in 2018 alone. Canada also faces many of the same industry challenges as the United States, including a driver shortage, which the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) projects to reach at least 34,000 by 2024. Tens of thousands of drivers are expected to retire over the coming years, with little momentum to attract new talent. These tight market conditions present complex challenges ripe for technology solutions.

Uber Freight is uniquely positioned to solve industry challenges and transform freight logistics in Canada and across the globe. Shippers will have unprecedented visibility into their supply chains, and access the actionable market data and reliable capacity that enables their businesses to thrive. Carriers and their drivers benefit from upfront pricing, fast payment, and easy booking.

We’re thrilled to work together with our neighbor and critical trade partner to unlock the massive opportunity that is the North American trucking industry.

The Uber Freight app is now available for download—in English and French-language—in Canada via iOS and Android.

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