A journey to truck ownership through the Uber Freight Plus program

July 12 / US
A journey to truck ownership through the Uber Freight Plus program

Building value with Uber Freight Plus

Michael Maleshliyski is the kind of carrier the freight industry needs. Focused, determined, and hardworking, he’s someone who not only sees a bright future in trucking, he is willing to sweat for it. In 2014, he earned his CDL and after only two years as a company driver—at the age of 27—he bought his first truck.

Like many first-time owner-operators, Michael’s first truck was, to put it in the kindest way possible, a bit of a fixer-upper. In the first year of operation, he spent close to $40,000 in maintenance and repairs alone.

Thankfully, Michael learned about the Uber Freight Plus program. It provides eligible carriers with a wide range of discounts on the products and services carriers need: tires, fuel, mobile phone plans, truck purchases, and more.

“I was impressed that Uber Freight was offering so much,” Michael said. “There are brokers and companies that have been in the industry 20, 30 years that don’t offer anything.”

Building his authority

After a year of being an owner-operator, Michael gained his authority and started Lena-Marie trucking. Part of making that jump was also buying a truck for himself, and the Uber Freight Plus program helped him significantly. Using the program, he was able to purchase a used truck.

“I found out about the promotion with International. That’s how I purchased the truck I am driving today,” Michael said. Using the Uber Freight Plus discount on International Trucks, he received a rebate on the purchase of his vehicle. “I was looking for a more reliable, more affordable truck. For me, it’s amazing.”

This year, Michael is looking to add another truck to drive under his authority. Naturally, he’ll be using his Uber Freight Plus discount for that truck too. “I plan on going through International, again,” Michael said.

Pumping up savings

Huge discounts on major purchases are great, but Michael realizes frequent value from the Uber Freight Plus program. Specifically, he loves the TA and Petro fuel discounts with his Uber Freight Fuel Card, powered by Comdata. “It’s an amazing discount, 20¢ off the list price,” Michael says. “If you have to fuel 300 gallons every other day, it’s a big difference.”

More than just discounts

While the Plus program helps Michael achieve his goals, it’s just one of the reasons that he uses Uber Freight. “I did a lot of loads with Uber Freight over the last year,” Michael said. “I like how informative the app is. You guys use exact addresses, exact appointment times, correct information about detention—about everything. No other broker out there is doing this.”

“Overall I’m very grateful to Uber Freight,” he said. “It has helped so much with trucking, fuel, equipment, loads—everything involved in trucking.”

Start saving today

The Uber Freight Plus program is designed to help carriers make the most of every work day. To learn more about the discounts available and all the details, please visit the Uber Freight Plus program. Terms and conditions apply. To see the full Uber Freight Plus terms and conditions (including eligibility requirements), please see here.


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