How Uber Freight helps Argo Fine Imports focus on customer service

May 23 / US
How Uber Freight helps Argo Fine Imports focus on customer service

Argo Fine Imports, founded by Don MacMaster in 1993, is an importer of fine plywoods from premium mills around the world. With decades of experience, the team ensures seamless interactions with distributors and laminators, offering personalized customer service, and deliveries at competitive prices. Don and his sons, Dan and Robert, aim to connect their customers with the most consistent and responsibly sourced materials possible so that customers can focus on improving their bottom lines and building their businesses.


A large part of the Argo Fine Imports business is overseas and every delivery is time sensitive. Shipments are often tied to strict appointment times at loading piers, and if a shipper misses the freight loading or departure time, they risk compromising schedules across the entire supply chain. With traditional brokers, tendering a load and negotiating prices could take hours—sometimes even days.

Beyond the time devoted to the shipping process, the MacMasters and their team struggled to get accurate price predictions from brokers locked in for their customers. A consistent, reliable way to project future freight cost is integral not only for Argo’s own business but also for building strong customer relationships—the company’s biggest asset, said Dan MacMaster.

“Our industry is dynamic. In order to grow, we needed our logistics operations to be as fast, innovative, and dependable as our customer service processes,” he said.

A shot of lumber loading in the Argo Fine Imports facility


Because of their familiarity with Uber Rides, the MacMasters were open to the discussion when Uber Freight reached out to them about its platform for shippers.

“What drew us to Uber Freight was the ability to lock in rates instantly and predict future rates with their lane explorer tool,” Robert MacMaster said. “The prices are predicted in real-time based on the market, so we can immediately know the impact they will have on our customers and share that information with them.”

Since onboarding last year, Argo Fine Imports has consistently been using Uber Freight. Without having to negotiate prices with brokers over the phone, the team is able to save 10 – 15 minutes on booking time per load. They can now spend this time giving direct guidance, feedback, and service to their customers.

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