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Navigating DOT Week 2024: Insights for shippers & carriers

May 8, 2024 / US
Navigating DOT Week 2024: Insights for shippers & carriers

As we approach DOT Week 2024, May 14—16, 2024, it’s crucial for shippers and carriers in the Uber Freight network to understand the significance of this annual event and prepare accordingly. Drawing insights from the recent 2023 International Roadcheck results released by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), we can glean valuable information to enhance our readiness.

Key Findings from the 2023 International Roadcheck

During the 72-hour International Roadcheck in 2023, a total of 59,429 commercial motor vehicles underwent inspection across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Notably, 81% of these vehicles and 94.5% of drivers inspected continued their journeys without any out-of-service violations, underscoring the commitment to safety within the industry. The most common out-of-service violations were brake systems, tires, and defective service brakes. This underscores the importance of maintaining vehicle health in optimal conditions to ensure compliance and safety on the roads.

Understanding DOT Week

The CVSA International Roadcheck is a yearly event where enforcement officials conduct rigorous inspections on commercial motor vehicles across North America. From ELD compliance to tire treads, every aspect of trucks and drivers is under scrutiny during this 72-hour period. Suffice it to say that it’s important to do but not an enjoyable three days for drivers.

Impact on Capacity and Operations

DOT Week invariably affects truckload capacity, with some drivers opting to park their trucks to avoid potential inspections. This can lead to a temporary dip in available capacity, impacting routing guide compliance and potentially inflating spot market rates.

Key Considerations for this year’s Blitz

Here are six things to anticipate during DOT Week:

  • Tighter capacity as some drivers choose to stay off the road temporarily
  • Potential disruptions to routing guide compliance, particularly in mid-range hauls
  • Increased spot market rates due to decreased carrier supply
  • Possible delays for shipments as drivers undergo thorough inspections
  • Nationwide impact, affecting carriers and shippers across the continent
  • A gradual return to normalcy post-DOT Week, with lingering effects on capacity and freight movement

Preparing for DOT Week

For shippers:

  • Accommodate potential delays by working with flexible transit schedules
  • Ensure DOT compliance for your transits, avoiding unrealistic schedules
  • Communicate layover accessorials clearly to drivers to maintain efficient operations
  • Stay flexible and consider postponing shipments to avoid peak disruption
  • Remain calm, knowing that despite tighter capacity, operations will continue

For carriers:

  • Plan for potential delays and budget extra time for inspections
  • Encourage drivers to maintain a polite and cooperative attitude during inspections
  • Seize the opportunity for available freight during DOT Week to showcase reliability
  • Adopt a proactive approach to compliance, treating every week as if it were DOT Week
  • If you encounter any delays due to DOT Week and you are on an Uber Freight load, reach out to our 24/7 Support Team (844) 822-8237, or use our in-app support flow by clicking on the headset icon

DOT Week presents challenges and opportunities for shippers and carriers alike. By staying informed, proactive, and adaptable, businesses in the Uber Freight network can navigate this annual event with confidence and resilience.

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