Navigating the Wave of Ocean Shipping Constraints

November 18 / US
Navigating the Wave of Ocean Shipping Constraints

All eyes are on ocean shipping—especially on the cargo ships currently anchored offshore waiting to be unloaded.

Talking Logistics host Adrian Gonzalez and Mollie Bailey, VP, International at Transplace, dig into the ongoing volatility of the global supply chain.

Watch the video about “Navigating the Wave of Ocean Shipping Constraints,” as they discuss the current and future state of ocean freight. From origin and equipment availability to congestion, multiple touches and handoffs, the conversation underscores the fragility of the global supply chain.

Mollie spotlights the creative solutions shippers are using to secure capacity and control costs. From the Trans-Siberian Railway and shifting to air freight to four-point import solution and chartering vessels, companies are open to trying alternative options to keep freight moving.

Find out why proactive communications, nurturing supply chain relationships and expanding shippers’ playbooks are a must to navigating the volatility of the global marketplace.

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