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The right combination of automation and tailored service

May 18, 2023 / US
The right combination of automation and tailored service

Todd Souder, Head of Brokerage
“The right combination of automation and tailored service” – Head of Brokerage Todd Souder’s bold vision for the modern brokerage

With unpredictability being the new normal, it’s more important than ever that shippers and carriers have the right tools and expertise at their disposal. And while automation has still radically transformed the brokerage model, streamlining the most labor-intensive touchpoints throughout the freight life cycle, it still takes a blend of service and technology to make key business decisions – that’s the way our Head of Brokerage Todd Souder sees it.

With 15+ years of supply chain experience, Todd has seen his fair share of logistics’ own digital revolution. He’s watched as technology has completely reimagined the procurement process, business relationships, record-keeping, payments, and more. These innovations have had a tremendous impact, revolutionizing the ways shippers and carriers operate and improving overall efficiency. However, that’s not to say high-touch service and industry expertise doesn’t still play a critical role. Having led Uber Freight’s brokerage operations over the last year, Todd has been the driving force behind a transformation in solutions that put service first, backed by industry-leading technology and market insight.

“Shippers require the right combination of automation and tailored service to deliver the best outcome,” says Todd Souder. “The brokerage model has evolved, and to efficiently and cost-effectively navigate today’s freight market, it’s imperative that logistics partners provide new technology that increases visibility, transparency, access to capacity and self-serve options, alongside the service and consultation from market experts who know the industry inside and out. We envision a brokerage model where technology and service complement and inform strategic decision-making. It shouldn’t be one or the other.”

At Uber Freight, world-class technology and service are what our customers demand, and we’re proud to deliver. We equip shippers and carriers of all sizes with the tools, transportation services, and expertise they need to manage today’s complex freight market. That’s why Todd is doubling down on the human element. That means investing more in the people that help you deliver, including dedicated account managers that can help strategize your supply chain approach, our 24/7 support team to have your back round-the-clock, and the research and market insight you need to inform key decision-making.

“Todd is a seasoned veteran that brings a wealth of experience transforming entrenched supply chain processes,” says Lior Ron, Uber Freight CEO. “Especially in today’s market, customers require more than just technology – they value relationships and trust that we’ll be there 24/7. Todd understands their needs and I’m confident in his ability to help us deliver a customer experience like no other.”

Today, Uber Freight offers the most comprehensive suite of transportation solutions and services for shippers and carriers alike, spanning managed services, logistics solutions, and technology solutions. Our brokerage services span FTL, LTL, intermodal, drop solutions and much more, all the way to autonomous freight. With one of the most extensive transportation networks in the world, our holistic approach to supply chain services will help you better navigate market fluctuations and deliver, any day of the week.

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