Uber Freight expands self-service tool to book loads at scale

June 15 / US
Uber Freight expands self-service tool to book loads at scale

Since launching the Uber Freight shipper platform in 2018, it has evolved from simply connecting shippers with carriers to becoming a central hub for managing logistics needs from start to finish. Shippers can find reliable capacity, budget for shipping costs, track the delivery of goods, and more.

As part of our mission to simplify logistics, we continue to work directly with shippers to refine the platform and develop new functionality to meet their needs and boost time efficiency. That’s why we’re launching bulk load building, a highly requested self-service tool that allows shippers to easily and quickly quote and build up to 50 loads at once with all the benefits they’ve come to expect when building a single load. 

Until now, the load-building process on the self-service shipper platform was optimized for an individual load. As larger shippers continue to look toward technology to simplify quoting and booking multiple shipments at once, they need a tool that can keep up with their complex businesses.

With bulk load building, shippers can receive instant quotes and build and tender dozens of loads at the same time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Shippers fill out a simple spreadsheet with their shipment information for up to 50 loads. These can span service types, including dry van, reefer, and flatbed.
  2. They upload the completed spreadsheet directly into the shipper platform.
  3. Shippers will instantly receive quotes for all loads, including those with previously available locked-in rates. 
  4. From there, shippers can book multiple loads at once. 

Booking loads in advance is already a beneficial feature of the shipper platform. With bulk load building, shippers can book loads up to 14 days in advance, enabling them to work more efficiently at scale. This means less time spent tendering loads and more time spent on more important tasks, like cost analysis or meeting customer demands.

Cottondale Wood Products, a premier wooden pallet supplier of the Southeastern US, has been using the new tool in a pilot phase for the last few months and is seeing promising results.  

“Cottondale is a trusted supplier in the region. It’s critical that we maximize efficiency for the business, so that we can guarantee great service and on-time delivery for our customers—whether they’re 30 or 300 miles away,” says Mindy Walker, Logistics Specialist at Cottondale. “With Uber Freight’s new bulk load building tool, we’re able to easily and quickly build multiple loads at once, ultimately saving time and operational costs. This new tool is a game changer for our operations and allows us to focus on what matters most: strengthening our relationships with customers.”

At Uber Freight, we understand that shippers are looking for new tools that enable seamless, efficient end-to-end freight management at scale to remain competitive in a fast-changing economy. The bulk load building tool expands Uber Freight’s commitment to improving shippers’ logistics operations while reducing friction on both sides of the marketplace. 

Learn more about the Uber Freight shipper platform here.

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