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Uber Freight enhances fuel savings with new carrier card

April 27, 2023 / US
Uber Freight enhances fuel savings with new carrier card

In today’s market, carriers and owner operators face a challenging landscape to manage with higher operating costs and a declining employment base. At Uber Freight, we’re committed to introducing new solutions that help solve the industry’s biggest challenges and allow carriers to absorb the shocks of market volatility.

Today, we’re expanding our carrier offerings and announcing a partnership with fintech payment platform company AtoB. As part of this collaboration, carriers will be able to manage fuel purchases with the newly launched Uber Freight Carrier Card. Fintech tools will also be provided by AtoB across our network, through spend management software directly integrated into Uber Freight’s platform. 

The Uber Freight Carrier Card offers a comprehensive solution for purchases on the road, enabling carriers and drivers to efficiently manage fuel purchases, simplify logistics, and save money during long hauls. Features include:

  • Nationwide acceptance: The Uber Freight Carrier Card can be used to purchase fuel at any gas station or truck stop across the US that accepts Visa.
  • Fuel discounts: Cardholders can receive exclusive fuel discounts at participating truck stops.
  • Same-day payouts: Cardholders can earn same-day payouts on Uber Freight loads for eligible carriers.
  • No hidden fees: The Uber Freight Carrier Card has no setup fees, card fees, software fees, or maintenance fees.
  • Build business credit: Cardholders’ payment histories will be shared with Experian to help build credit scores. 

“We’re proud to partner with Uber Freight to support their nationwide carrier network,” said AtoB CEO Vignan Velivela. “This partnership demonstrates the strength and scalability of AtoB’s platform and products. AtoB aligns fleet finances with powerful banking, lending and credit tools that, until now, have been out of reach for many operators. This announcement is an important growth moment for both our company and fleet operators across the US.” 

This partnership brings much-needed financial efficiency to carrier business operations with no annual fees, the opportunity to build credit, and the ability to manage all fuel expenses online with just one click. With the Uber Freight Carrier Card and fintech tools supported by AtoB, carriers have a deeply-integrated product experience with onboarding, card management and fuel finder capabilities. 

“Carriers need innovative tools and solutions to build thriving businesses, maximizing their time and earnings potential on the road,” said Uber Freight CEO Lior Ron. “Since our beginning, Uber Freight has brought much-needed transformation to the industry. We’ve introduced driver-first carrier solutions that improve the economics of truck ownership for the thousands of drivers on our platform. Now more than ever, carriers need a solution that simplifies finances, brings same-day payments to wallets, and supports better cash flow management for the future.”

Carriers are better positioned to scale their operations when they have access to capabilities that set them up for long term success. The Uber Freight Carrier Card joins our suite of one-stop-shop solutions that empowers carriers to lead and grow their businesses completely their way. With personalized loads, one-touch booking, transparent rates and automated administrative capabilities, Uber Freight’s solutions give carriers the ability to make every hour count on the road. 

To learn more about the Uber Freight Carrier Card, click here.

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