New report presents biannual freight market insights

January 25 / US
New report presents biannual freight market insights

It’s no secret that supply-chain bottlenecks have tightened throughout the pandemic. High consumer demand, steep retailer prices, and the driver shortage continue to make headlines every day. A closer look at the data, however, reveals dynamic consumer-retailer imbalances and unprecedented driver supply shifts.

Uber Freight’s owner-operator activations hit record highs last year, amid persisting consumer demand and a volatile trucking job market. We closely monitored the shuffling driver supply and other macro developments that have influenced the movement of goods throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pulling from our own network and the broader industry, Uber Freight is releasing a biannual report that examines retail and spending imbalances, nationwide labor shifts, and digital brokerage trends that emerged in the second half of 2021. In releasing this report, our team of experts is empowering shippers and carriers alike to embrace digital freight transformation and remain resilient in 2022 and beyond.

At Uber Freight, we’ve tracked the freight industry’s evolution since we launched in 2017. Building on our previous Quarterly Market Insights Report in the summer of 2021, our latest unique data and broader macro trends come together once again in this new report for the H2 2021 freight market. Like previous iterations, the report also provides month-over-month snapshots of spot load opportunities, spot rates, and facility dwell times and ratings. 

To dive into our insights from H2 2021, download the full report here.


Bob Chappuis, General Manager

Bob was one of the first Ops team members at Uber Freight. He focuses on carrier/supply growth and large fleet engagement.

Gabriel Coiro, Pricing Shipper Analyst II

Gabriel provides analytics for the Pricing team at Uber Freight.

Mazen Danaf, Senior Economist

Mazen, a PhD, has 10 years of practical and academic experience in transportation. He leads economic research at Uber Freight. His work focuses on trucking supply and demand, automation, and sustainability.

Tuneer De, Strategy & Planning Associate

Tuneer is on the Strategy & Planning team at Uber Freight, where he works on organization-wide planning and strategic initiatives. He partners extensively with the Emerging Products team on finance/strategy topics.

Francesco Favaro, Strategy & Planning Lead

Francesco has been with Uber Freight since 2019, working on the strategy and launch of Market Access. He is currently responsible for the Market Access business.

Michael Gansen, Senior Business Analyst

Michael develops pricing strategy and supports shipper analytics for the Commercial team at Uber Freight.

Ryan Gold, Business Analyst

Ryan focuses on acquisition strategy for carriers on the Uber Freight platform and supports growth analytics for the Sales, Marketing, and Operations teams.

Bo Young Hong, Senior Sales Ops Associate

Bo focuses on the internal and external analytics of emerging products within the Sales Operations team.

Jack Mast, Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales

Jack leads a team of Uber Freight enterprise sales representatives and has 14 years of logistics industry experience. He focuses on new business acquisition and strategic growth within existing accounts. 

Tim Melhuish, Sales Operations & Analytics Manager

Tim and the Sales Operations team lead the development and institution of real-time analytics to help Uber Freight shippers uncover supply-chain efficiencies and showcase the value of Uber Freight’s portfolio of solutions.

Carl-Christoph Reckers, Director of Expansion

CCR heads the Reefer, Flatbed, Powerloop, Canada and Shipper Platform teams at Uber Freight. 

Doug Ross, Senior Manager, Carrier Strategy & Operations

Doug leads the Carrier Strategy and Analytics team within the Operations organization. In particular, he focuses on carrier growth, carrier experience, and fleet strategy and engagement.

Dima Simakov, Senior Associate, Emerging Products Strategy

Dima currently helps lead Uber Freight’s real-time API pricing strategy and other early-stage incubation projects. He has been with Uber Freight for 3 years, serving in various roles within the Dynamic Marketplace and Strategy teams. 

Joe Shone, Head of Enterprise Product Sales

Joe concentrates on enterprise partnership growth and strategy. He works across Uber Freight’s Sales team to understand enterprise customer procurement needs, integrate real-time pricing solutions, and iterate on those solutions based on customer feedback.

Glen Stewart, Head of Powerloop Operations

Glen developed and launched Powerloop. He leads a large cross-functional team of account managers, carrier managers, and asset managers. Glen is responsible for the Powerloop operations, go-to-market strategy/growth plan, and P&L. 

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