Uber Freight partners with Santa for a Day to fulfill holiday wishes

December 18 / US
Uber Freight partners with Santa for a Day to fulfill holiday wishes

While this holiday season may feel different for families, one organization is working to bring hope to children as 2020 comes to a close. Chicago-based children’s charity Santa for a Day partners with housing authorities in cities across the US to help lift kids’ spirits at Christmas time, hosting letter-writing parties, then helping to make their holiday wishes come true. 

Through its program over the past few years, Santa for a Day has helped put smiles on the faces of thousands of children, spreading holiday joy while inspiring literacy through the power of the pen. Santa for a Day catalogs each wish on its website, allowing people to donate specific gifts or to the charity more broadly. Though 2020 will look a little different than usual without the typical in-person letter-writing parties or gift-opening celebrations, Santa for a Day remains committed to spreading cheer and sparking hope for a brighter future.

This year, Uber Freight is partnering with Santa for a Day to serve as the sleigh that will help deliver presents to children across the US ahead of Christmas. Uber Freight will deliver to all 6 cities where Santa for a Day currently operates: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia.

“Uber Freight has been a tremendous partner this season as we deliver gifts to thousands of underserved children across the country,” says Rich Gentile, Founder of Santa for a Day. “The logistics of serving as Santa can be complicated, but with Uber Freight it’s easy to get Santa’s sleighs where they need to go. We appreciate Uber Freight’s assistance in helping to make Christmas special for children in need.”

Santa for a Day is backed by national organizations and companies including ESPN, local NFL and NBA teams in Santa for a Day regions, and officials from state governments.

To learn more about Santa for a Day and how you can support underserved children during this holiday season, visit the organization’s website.

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