Uber Freight honors shippers with annual customer awards at Deliver 2021

October 27 / US
Uber Freight honors shippers with annual customer awards at Deliver 2021

This year’s Deliver 2021 conference presented 2 days of programming packed with outstanding insights from our customers and partners across the country and world. The event marked the grand opening of Uber Freight’s new Chicago headquarters and Technology Innovation Center in the Old Post Office. 

Over the past 18 months, the logistics industry has been the binding thread across our economies and communities, weaving industries together to enable the exchange of goods that every business relies on. Nothing has made that more apparent than the recent volatility and upheaval. 

Deliver provided us with a place to not only reflect on the enormous change that has taken place in our industry, but also look toward the future, where, together, we can innovate and influence supply chain initiatives. So after closing the chapter on our 5th annual conference, we have the pleasure of honoring an exceptional group with the 2021 Deliver Customer Awards. Uber Freight is pleased to announce this year’s winners and proud to work with so many remarkable companies. 

Sustainability Initiative of the Year

The Sustainability Initiative of the Year is given to a shipper that has made substantial commitments toward operating sustainably by striving to reduce climate impact or cut GHG emissions. This year’s winner is Anheuser-Busch, for its comprehensive dedication to driving environmental and social change across its supply chain. Last year, Anheuser-Busch reached its ambitious goal of sourcing 100% of its purchased electricity from renewable sources—4 years early. The company has also committed to reducing its carbon emissions across the value chain by 25% by 2025 and prioritizing that all products are delivered in the most sustainable way possible.


Supply Chain Resilience Award

The Supply Chain Resilience Award is given to a shipper that creatively overcame challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and improved business operations in the process. This year’s winner is Niagara Bottling. The company finds ways to grow without sacrificing product quality or its commitment to sustainability. Niagara Bottling outpaces its industry and continues to add production facilities while also diversifying its product mix.


Small Business Innovator Award

The Small Business Innovator Award is given to a shipper that successfully incorporated Uber Freight’s technology into its supply chain to better meet time-critical market demands with new approaches. This year’s winner is Praters Flooring. 

Mid-Market Innovator Award

The Mid-Market Innovator Award is given to a shipper that excelled with new technology and implemented new strategies to address market challenges during the past year. The 2021 winner is Lakeside Foods, for its drive to leverage new tools like Market Access, Link, and Uber Freight’s routing guides to navigate capacity issues during seasonal spikes.

Enterprise Innovator Award

The Enterprise Innovator Award is given to a shipper that improved the productivity of its supply chain with new technology during the past year. The 2021 winner is LG Electronics, which has used Uber Freight’s product innovations, including API spot integrations and Market Access, to refine its own logistics operations and provide value to its work pipeline. 

Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award is given to a shipper that accelerated its relief efforts during times of crisis. This year’s winner is Children’s Hunger Fund, for prioritizing the needs of people facing hardship because of COVID-19 and committing to shipping truckloads of supplies to communities in need during the Texas power outage crisis, Hurricane Ida, and more. 

Shipper of Choice Award

The Shipper of Choice Award is given to a shipper that endeavors to provide the highest quality of service and opportunity to carriers. It prioritizes efficiency at its facilities and leverages the latest technology to ensure a desirable experience for carriers. This year’s winner is Target, whose willingness to pilot new initiatives and modal expansion opportunities, especially in the final mile, kept trucks full and carriers satisfied.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! We’ll see everyone next fall.

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