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Uber Freight technology release notes

June 27, 2024 / US
Uber Freight technology release notes

At Uber Freight, we’re focused on building new products, features, and enhancements to optimize and streamline your logistics operations. We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural technology release notes so you can peek “under the hood” and see what we’ve been building for you.

Reimagining logistics management with advanced software 

At Deliver 2023, Uber Freight announced the most comprehensive update of the widely-used Uber Freight Transportation Management System (TMS) since it was first launched by Transplace (acquired by Uber Freight) in 2005. The Uber Freight TMS is an all-in-one solution for planning, executing, and monitoring complex logistics operations across modes and regions, bringing shippers (such as KRONOS, global producer of package and bulk chemicals) the time-tested expertise, Uber-grade technology, and high-quality service they need to drive their intelligent logistics forward.

Initial upgrades focused on delivering the next generation of visibility, foresight, and control, enhancing modules to promote ease of use and actionable data—all while expanding global, end-to-end shipment visibility across modes.

This year marks a new era for Uber Freight TMS. We’re adding a powerful mix of capabilities and usability with new updates and integrations. We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed next.

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Delivering on our commitment to advancing visibility

Global real-time tracking from sea to sky

We deployed substantial updates to the Control Tower module and Tracking Portal to offer a holistic perspective on all shipments.

This update extends visibility to all modes including ocean and rail, empowering users to have a consolidated view of all their shipments across modes, geographies, and carriers. With features like real-time location on a map, logistics teams can easily visualize shipments, filter by mode, and zero in on shipments needing attention, streamlining exception management and eliminating time-intensive manual tracking efforts.

These updates leverage automation to provide real-time insights for ocean and air freight, simplifying the integration process and offering unprecedented transparency. By automatically importing real-time tracking data into the Uber Freight platform, users gain instant access to shipment progress without the hassle of manual integration with multiple carriers. With continuous location updates, teams can monitor situations in real-time, enabling quick decisions to ensure timely delivery and mitigate risks, such as pivoting from ocean to air freight or rerouting shipments as needed.

For a deeper dive, watch our webinar with FreightWaves. 

On the horizon

  • Transforming the TMS home page from a navigation tool into a streamlined and informative landing page, making it easier to access all TMS features
  • Enhanced door-to-door visibility, regardless of the booking type
  • Automated multi-mode shipment creation and visibility

Streamlining dock appointments

We’ve also implemented user-driven updates to Dock Scheduler that aim to meet and exceed industry standards.

In February, we rolled out our new scheduling API pilot to select Uber Freight customers, the industry’s first to comply with the Scheduling Standards Consortium’s (SSC) Technical Standard. Designed for Uber Freight’s TMS, it enhances scheduling capabilities and fosters seamless communication among shippers and carriers. The scheduling API will be available to all Uber Freight TMS users later this year.

We’ve revamped our user interface for smoother operations, improved performance, and quicker navigation. Additionally, take advantage of new features such as starred locations, .csv downloads, refined calendar views, and enhanced filtering options for more accessible data.

On the horizon

  • Empower facilities with real-time tracking visibility to proactively manage appointments
  • Configuration improvements to simplify setup and management of dock groups
  • Table enhancements to empower users to configure the column order, keeping the most important information front and center 

Elevate logistics insights with AI

Looking ahead and in response to the numerous challenges confronting the shipping industry, Uber Freight is doubling down on resilience and innovation. By continuing to implement the most comprehensive overhaul of Uber Freight TMS, we will revolutionize the core software underpinning supply chain management by creating intuitive and predictive experiences powered by a next-generation TMS platform.

This initiative lays the groundwork for bringing you a cutting-edge, best-in-class Transportation Management System meticulously crafted to meet present demands and seize future opportunities, aiming to revolutionize logistics across pivotal domains. 

It’s time for you to have a TMS that unlocks an optimized network across key modes and geographies of transportation with intuitive experiences, powered by a dynamic platform​.

On the horizon

  • Simplified onboarding and configuration management​
  • End-to-end intuitive self-service user experiences (UX)​
  • Data-driven predictive and proactive experiences and insights ​
  • Support for key modes and the ability to add new modes and functionalities fast​
  • Streamlined connectivity into your technology ecosystem  (e.g., ERP)​
  • AI-powered logistics

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