Will Kling

October 1 / US
Will Kling

Growing up in Reno, NV, Will spent every childhood summer in and around trucks. For his family, it’s tradition – he drives a truck just like his father and grandfather did. Though unlike “grandad’s,” his truck has a drive shaft.

His hope for the future of the industry? For the public to understand that trucking isn’t a soulless profession. Drivers are “mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, aunts, uncles, brothers – they’re all people,” Will says.

They’re also people that we depend on, Will says, more than we know. The majority of what we have in our homes was transported by truck drivers from ships to warehouses to store shelves. Without trucks for even 24 hours, we’d have no gas for our daily commute or food for lunch. At the end of the day, drivers “want to do things efficiently, safely, and professionally. Trucking makes the world go round!”


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