Building a Better App Experience For Carriers

October 11 / US
Building a Better App Experience For Carriers

In an industry where every single load counts, we aim to take the headache and inefficiency out of what is often a complex and time-consuming process. By putting the power of Uber’s technology into the hands of carriers and their drivers, Uber Freight helps streamline key operations and ultimately maximize business opportunities.

In order to build an app that solves the dynamic challenges of this specific audience, our design team spends hours with trucking companies and their drivers — at truck stops and shows, on the phone, and in their cabs — to understand what matters most to them, how they want to interact with an app, and what they want to see next.

Every truck driver has their own set of unique set of preferences when looking for a load like maximizing rate per mile, minimizing weight, and getting home to their families and friends. After months of work, we’re excited to roll out upgrades to our search and view tools designed to help carriers and their truck drivers find the loads they want faster.

Find the Right Load Faster

Our new search is more intuitive and personalized than ever before: a simpler search bar contains all of a carrier’s search preferences and gives them real-time feedback about how many load-matches are found if they change selections. The app remembers a carrier’s filters across sessions, allowing them to quickly pick up where they left off. We’re also introducing a date picker that lets carriers and their drivers jump to a pick-up date of their choosing with just a tap, so they can plan their weeks more efficiently.

Carriers and their drivers can now sort their search results by other factors imperative to their decision-making process. Sort options include weight, deadhead, rate per mile, and price.

Mapping Out the Options

In 2019, we’re also bringing a new dimension of efficiency to the load-searching process with the launch of map view. The map view shows available loads near a carrier’s current location, and just like a navigation app, users can type in (or expand/drag the map area to) any pick-up location.

We’re excited to harness innovative technologies to help relieve the complex business and operational challenges truck drivers face every day. What do you want to see next?

Search and sort upgrades will be available on iOS and Android in the coming weeks. The map view will roll out to all users in 2019.


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