LG and Uber Freight partner to streamline operations with Powerloop

September 17 / US
LG and Uber Freight partner to streamline operations with Powerloop

“Life’s Good” is the famous slogan of global innovator LG Electronics, and creating a better life for its customers is the foundation for LG’s activities in the U.S. and around the world.

Maintaining an efficient supply chain is a huge part of delivering on their promise of customer value. This means creating and designing products that make people’s lives easier, but it also means ensuring that those products—everything from home appliances and consumer electronics to solar panels and automotive components for electric vehicles—are delivered quickly and correctly.

“Making sure that our freight is moving correctly, on time, and at the right price is getting more complex everyday,” said Paul Heffernan, LG’s U.S. Vice President of Supply Chain, who was looking for ways to continue innovating, this time within their logistics processes.

LG partnered with Uber Freight to help streamline their operations, and now, Uber Freight is a top carrier for LG. Specifically, Powerloop, an Uber Freight affiliate, has enabled LG to increase driver favorability in a tight market and keep up with consumer demand during busy seasons.


Becoming a shipper of choice

“One of the biggest pain points over the past few years in the transportation market has been tight capacity,” said Jeung Choi, LG’s U.S. Logistics and Transportation Manager. Because the market wasn’t favorable to shippers, LG searched for ways to transform operations to prioritize carriers and their drivers and make LG a shipper of choice. The first place ripe for change: facilities.

With Powerloop, a scaled-trailer pool system, LG could pre-load trailers at night. In the morning, drivers could show up, hook up, and get right back on the road, cutting loading and waiting times dramatically, and streamlining the process for facility managers, and the carriers and drivers they depended on.

LG also leveraged Uber Freight’s shipper platform to book and manage loads seamlessly and gain valuable insight into their fragmented and complex supply chains. Facility insights allows LG to see ratings and reviews of their facilities from drivers who have just picked up or dropped off a load. This actionable feedback gives LG the information they need to make meaningful improvements to facilities around the country.

The role of logistics in customer value

Like most consumer companies, the holidays are a busy time for LG. Denis Marion, LG’s U.S. Director of Logistics Operations, reflected on the surging demand during last year’s Black Friday. “We were asking ourselves: How do we make our logistics smoother? Better? Uber Freight and Powerloop were the perfect introductions.”

Uber Freight worked with LG to optimize their entire freight operations process in a way that was both tailored to meet their current needs, and scalable to meet holiday demands. Uber Freight offers 24/7 capacity, unprecedented visibility into their supply chain, and the guarantee that each shipment will be managed effectively.

“As a result, we were able to plan ahead, optimize our annual spend, and improve our relationships with our customers,” said Choi.

To see how you can bring innovation to your supply chain, learn more about shipping with Uber Freight.

Trailer rentals are provided by Powerloop LLC, which is an equipment rental company. Powerloop LLC is an affiliate of Uber Freight LLC.


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