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Why Luna Furniture uses Uber Freight for LTL shipments

February 16, 2023 / US
Why Luna Furniture uses Uber Freight for LTL shipments

At Uber Freight, we’re committed to providing industry-changing solutions for our customers. From one-touch booking, real-time pricing, and capacity APIs, we’ve cultivated a marketplace that makes freight easier and more accessible for shippers. Adding less-than-truckload (LTL) was the next step in scaling our suite of solutions and mitigating some of LTL’s historical challenges, like business-size limitations, poor visibility, and outdated technology.

Customers like Luna Furniture have already started taking advantage of this additional feature of our shipper platform. A residential and wholesale retailer, Luna prides itself on taking an innovative approach to the furniture business. They have a manufacturing arm overseas and warehouses in America, but they only use solid wood to craft pieces like sofas and loveseats. They’re also early adopters of any technology that will up efficiency and create a better experience for their customers.

Until recently, Luna primarily focused on local sales and shipments, but Nationwide Sales Manager Nick A. and General Manager Aaron Demir saw massive potential in expanding the program outside of the South and Southeast. This presents some obvious challenges. “Most companies do not prefer working nationwide because of the fragile nature of the merchandise,” says Demir. “We decided to turn this into an advantage.” 

When they learned that Uber Freight was adding LTL to its offerings, they jumped at the opportunity to test it out. In addition to his day job, Demir is a part-time research methods professor and was particularly excited to be part of a pilot. “Uber as a brand has been a game-changer…” says Demir. “I knew [the company] would make the same changes in freight, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it.” They’ve already reaped the benefits of signing on and are currently running the majority of their LTL shipments with Uber Freight. 

Nick A. asserts that the platform’s ease-of-use has been the main differentiator. “It’s very responsive and much faster than anything I’ve seen,” he says. “It [also] provides visibility so we can make the best choices possible.” He went so far as to liken the user experience to the seamless nature of using the Uber Eats app for meal delivery. Beyond simplicity and transparency, Luna also appreciates that Uber Freight combines customer feedback with current market trends to continue improving its products. “It makes us feel comfortable and like we’re in safe hands,” Nick A. adds.

Uber Freight’s customer support is another reason Luna Furniture keeps coming back. According to Nick A., and Demir, no other platform has delivered on the level of individual service. Both could recall individual times when the team worked quickly to address issues that arose. “Other companies can’t complete with this kind of support,” says Nick A. 

As their nationwide shipments increase, Luna is looking forward to continued collaboration with Uber Freight. It remains the best of both worlds for them, occupying what Demir calls the “sweet spot [between] cost-effectiveness and good service.” He goes on to say, “If we’re talking about costs, it’s very competitive in the market. And the support is always very fast, responsive, and professional.”

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