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Ocean Spray touts Uber Freight as top 5 freight service provider

June 27, 2019 / US
Ocean Spray touts Uber Freight as top 5 freight service provider

While Ocean Spray’s best-selling juices are a staple on grocery shelves, not many people know that the cranberry giant is cooperative of over 700 family farms. For them, the goal is more than just profitability, it’s maintaining and fostering generations of family farms that will serve people on both sides of the food supply chain for years to come.

The key to this future is an innovative and intelligent supply chain.

With its continued growth, Ocean Spray’s supply chain has become more complex. Last year was full of freight challenges, combining a tight capacity market with increased customer requirements, specifically on-time delivery. To help, Ocean Spray sought an innovation partner—like they found in Uber Freight.

“Uber was one of the few providers that could offer solutions for critical freight and do it at high service levels,” explains Senior Manager of Global Logistics, Chris Domey. “They delivered over 1,500 shipments for us in 2018 with excellent service and people who care, all at a fair cost.”

By the numbers

• Carriers driving for Ocean Spray represent the brand and over 700 family farms

• In less than a year, Uber Freight became a top 5 transportation service provider for Ocean Spray

• Uber Freight has delivered 400+ reviews and actionable feedback directly from drivers delivering at Ocean Spray facilities

Balancing care, service, and speed

One of the most important supply chain measurements for Ocean Spray is on-time delivery to its customers—not only to avoid a penalty but to build a foundation of trust and grow their business. Uber Freight has consistently hit on-time delivery for Ocean Spray shipments.

“They’ve quickly moved into one of our top 5 providers,” says Domey. “The relationship with Uber Freight has been absolutely terrific. It’s helping us meet our internal goals of on-time delivery to customers, it’s helping us manage our budget, and ultimately our return back to our family farms. Their contribution to our success goes beyond words.”

Uber Freight has earned a significant share of Ocean Spray freight and entered the company’s core transportation service circle for the upcoming year.

Working together: a supply chain of people

Uber Freight is working with Ocean Spray to leverage new technology like facility ratings to increase collaboration across their complex supply chain. “Location-specific feedback is hard information to capture when you use a variety of service providers,” said Domey. “To have one provider move a large percentage of our product and give insight into the driver experience at our facilities allows us to make real improvements.”

Sixth-generation Ocean Spray farmer, Alison Gilmore Carr of Gilmore Cranberry Co. says, “On our farm and at Ocean Spray, we’re committed to innovation and technology. Our partnership with Uber Freight is one example of our commitment to make sure we have an efficient process to get the fruit that comes off of our farm to tables all across the country.”

To see how you can bring innovation to your supply chain, learn more about shipping with Uber Freight.


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