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Redkik offers new Less Than Truckload (LTL) insurance on Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform

August 17, 2023 / US
Redkik offers new Less Than Truckload (LTL) insurance on Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform

Today, Uber Freight and Redkik announced a new collaboration to offer Redkik’s seamless Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) insurance on the Uber Freight Shipper Platform. By leveraging Redkik’s InsurTech solution, the native integration allows shippers to easily add insurance at the point of booking shipments, without leaving the platform. 

With Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform, shippers can tap into one of the largest and most reliable carrier networks for quoting, booking, and tracking shipments from pickup to drop-off—saving time and money on every load and every lane. As LTL has emerged as a primary shipping solution across supply chains, Shipper Platform makes procuring capacity easy, providing instant access to quotes and price comparisons based on shipment characteristics. Shippers can unlock real-time and transparent quotes for LTL capacity when they need to move smaller shipments. It’s simple and comprehensive, allowing shippers to manage terms, payments, and insurance all in one place. 

Because LTL often consists of multiple stops with frequent loading and unloading, there may be a higher potential risk of shipment damage or loss compared to Full Truckload. That’s why it’s important shippers have instant access to convenient and comprehensive insurance options at the click of a button, any time. 

To streamline the process and provide shippers peace of mind on their LTL shipments, the new Redkik InsurTech integration maintains a smooth and intuitive LTL booking experience—offering immediate access to competitively-priced cargo insurance by Redkik’s insurance partners directly on Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform. In contrast to typical claims processes, shippers don’t have to worry about unpaid or underpaid claims and can receive faster settlements. 

How it works: LTL shippers using Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform input their shipment characteristics, add insurance, and click “Book.” The process is seamless and allows shippers to keep their goods moving securely in today’s fast-paced environment.

“Our mission is to enhance our customers’ supply chain strategy and equip them with the necessary tools and service to deliver—cargo insurance is no exception,” said Michael Bailey, Senior Product Manager at Uber Freight. “By integrating Redkik’s innovative InsurTech solution directly into our Shipper Platform, we’re able to streamline the process for our shippers and ensure they have the coverage they need 24/7.” 

“We are proud to join forces with the forward-thinking team at Uber Freight,” said Chris Kalinski, CEO and Founder of Redkik. “Together, we are enhancing freight brokering technology, bringing substantial time and cost savings to the Uber Freight network, and reinforcing our commitment to delivering progressive, intelligent insurance solutions.”

Already a one-stop shop for all shippers’ transportation needs, the Shipper Platform’s new Redkik InsurTech integration further simplifies the procurement process. It builds on Uber Freight’s mission to help customers — like furniture company Fully — deliver every step of the way, empowering shippers with new and enhanced ways to keep their supply chains streamlined, flexible and ultimately moving forward with peace of mind.

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