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2023 year in review: Our team at Uber Freight looks back on 10 noteworthy moments

January 3, 2024 / US
2023 year in review: Our team at Uber Freight looks back on 10 noteworthy moments

As we bid farewell to 2023, the year that redefined our journey at Uber Freight, we reflect on 10 pivotal moments that encapsulate the essence of our transformative year.

Deliver 2023 spotlighted the future of freight

Our annual gathering brought together 300 of the world’s largest brands to exchange ideas and engage with the latest innovations poised to evolve the freight industry. Keynotes, breakout sessions, and tech showcases explored how AI solutions drive supply chain efficiency, how modern TMS technology uses data to provide visibility into shipment journeys, and what steps companies can take to create a more sustainable supply chain. 

We launched next-generation logistics solutions

Uber Freight has invested $120 million in modern logistics technology since acquiring Transplace in 2022, with a focus on software designed to reimagine transportation management. New solutions we announced this year include:

We partnered with Waabi to launch autonomous truck solutions

Autonomous trucks have the potential to address numerous transportation challenges, from reducing empty miles to increasing asset utilization. We launched a strategic partnership with Waabi, a tech company specializing in generative AI and simulation for autonomous technology, to accelerate the safe deployment of autonomous at scale. The partnership will provide shippers and carriers with the tools needed to add autonomous capabilities to their networks in the future.

Torc leveraged our network to deploy autonomous trucks 

We doubled down on our investment in autonomous trucks by partnering with Torc Robotics, an autonomous trucking company and independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG. Through this partnership, Torc will use our network to accelerate the development of autonomous trucks, leveraging insights including the ideal lanes for deployment, and optimal transfer hub location to minimize local haul costs.

We launched the first electric truck pilot with WattEV and CHEP

Supply chain electrification will be a key step to reduce carbon emissions. We kickstarted this effort by launching our first electric truck (EV) pilot, partnering with WattEV and CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) to deploy EVs on select routes in Southern California. The partnership leverages WattEV’s innovative electric fleet and charging infrastructure network, with CHEP as the first shipper to participate using our platform.

We teamed up with Greenlane to accelerate the rollout of EV truck charging stations

To accelerate the development and installation of public charging infrastructure for heavy duty battery electric vehicles, We teamed up with public electric truck charging solutions provider Greenlane to pave the way for greener supply chains ahead. Greenlane will leverage insights from our logistics network to unlock critical learnings to expedite the rollout of zero-emission freight transportation.

Our Feeding America® partnership raised $26,000 

We continued our partnership with Feeding America, working together to power meal deliveries for people in need. At Deliver, participants supported Feeding San Diego by packing 1,120 meals to send to local families. Attendees also raised $26,000 to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to provide nutritious food to underserved communities.

We developed the new Uber Freight Carrier Card to boost fuel savings

To help carriers save money and adapt to market volatility, we partnered with fintech company AtoB to launch the Uber Freight Carrier Card. By using the card, carriers can manage all of their fuel expenses online, as well as receive exclusive fuel discounts, build business credit, and unlock the potential to earn same-day payouts.

We celebrated carriers at the eighth annual Carrier Summit 

While this year’s soft market was beneficial for shippers, falling rates and high operating costs posed challenges for carriers. Our team appreciates and values the carriers on our platform, and we were excited to recognize the Carrier of the Year Award winners at our annual summit this year. We celebrated carriers across regions and modes, acknowledging their commitment to supporting customers every day.

We expanded our Truckers Against Trafficking partnership

Human trafficking impacts 40 million people globally, and it’s our mission to combat this abominable crime. For National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we expanded our partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to bring free training programs to shippers and carriers in its U.S. and Canadian networks. The TAT program trains industry members on the realities of human trafficking and how the trucking industry can fight it. The program has increased driver reports of possible trafficking cases, which, in turn, increased victim recoveries and the arrest of criminals.

We are grateful to all of the shippers and carriers who joined our network over the past 12 months and continue to work with us to power a better future for freight. And we look forward to furthering our mission of leading the pace of logistics to move the world’s goods. 

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